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Make Money from Your Garden by Having an Honor System Farm Stand

John from goes on a field trip to Classic Organic off hwy 101 just 40 miles north of Santa Barbara. In this episode you will see how a successful honor system farm stand runs and how some of their produce is grown. You will discover the different produce items they grow as well as how they trellis their raspberries and how to pick a ripe raspberry. Finally you will learn the farmers creed and how he builds the soil instead of using conventional fertilizers. After watching this video you will have some excellent ideas on how to have your own honor system farm stand so you can profit from growing food.

Planting Strawberries for a Landscape Ground Cover

Watch Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl and Al, the Garden Kid plant strawberry plants together. Read the companion article here: Visit and sign up for a free subscription to Patti’s online magazine. Thanks for watching.

Grow Food at a Community Garden – Second Year and Still Growing

John from goes on a field trip to the Windsor Community Garden to discover what’s growing on! In this episode you will learn about many aspects of a community garden, including cardboard sheet mulching, rules and regulations,communal composting facility and a tour of the garden.

Container Gardening: How To Plant Blackberries

The next addition to the patio container garden is thornless blackberries! Using plants ordered from Stark Brothers, Patti demonstrates the proper way to grow your own berries in galvanized containers on your own porch.

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