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Vegetable Container Garden 2011 pt5

This is an update of my potted veggies taken April 23, 2011. So far so good. Everything seems to be growing on par. I cannot wait to taste my first garden fresh tomato!!!

Vegetable Container Garden 2011 pt.3

Another quick update taken April 8, 2011 showing the progress of my little veggie garden plants. Everything is still on track

Vegetable Container Garden 2011 Pt.2

This video was taken March 30, 2011 to show a little progress. Things are coming along good so far.

Rainbow Radish Cucumber Salad Recipe – Fresh from the Garden

John from shares with you how he uses his freshly harvested Watermelon Radishes, and Purple Plum Radishes.. Radishes are most commoly used as Crudités, or sliced ontop salads… Not any more.. In this episode, you will learn how John centers his salad around Radishes, and processes them it in a unique way to make long spaghetti-like strands out of his radishes to create a delicious rainbow radish cucumber salad that is delicious and nutritious.

Growing Vegetables in Wine Barrels How you can grow on a patio or over cement.

John from shows how he grows food in wine barrels in his front driveway. See how you can grow vegetables in your small space or patio in a wine barrel.

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