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How to Grow a Vegetable Garden if you RENT your Home

John from goes on a field trip to a viewers house who is growing a full-on backyard garden in the home he does not own. In this episode you will see what is being grown in this North Las Vegas desert garden and some of the techniques that are being used to grow food today. Why put off until tomorrow what you can start GROWING today? After watching this episode, hopefully you will have some ideas on what you can do to start growing food today even if you do not own your own property.

How to build a raised container garden box – The Container Garden Bed

This is a video about fun container garden ideas. Leran how to build an indoor container garden box for herbs and vegetables that can be used indoors and rolled around on her platform storage shelf. With this project the Handy Goddess shows you that you can grow almost anything you like in the privacy of your home. In this do it yourself home improvements video the design is simple enough for anyone to be able to have their lumber precut and then easily assemble it in your home. Barbara’s fine art and decorative painting Barbara’s faux painting instructional videos http

Donna’s Garden – Container Update May 24, 2011

A quick look at the container gardenorganic vegetable garden heirloom tomato square foot peppers prepper gmo monsanto asparagus broccoli economy raised bed gardening brocolli shallots onions carrots herbs kitchen seeds fruit citrus cucumbers insects stink bugs thai home rainwater catchment irrigation chickens bees composting worms vermiculture bernanke peter schiff ron paul federal reserve jp morgan Rush Limbaugh tea party Matt Mittan goldman ruth stout food storage dollar Donna’s Square Foot Garden

SmartGrowers – How to plant vegetable seeds in a raised bed

This video shows how to mark out a raised bed and then plant vegetable seeds into it. Spacing between seeds and plants in a raised bed is important. You can grow plants much closer together than you would if you were to plant using the traditional line of drills approach.

Growing Vegetables Anywhere – Patio, Balcony, Greenhouse This video just shows you don’t need a specially prepared growing area in your garden to grow veggies. As long as you have a relatively level flat surface and a sunny spot you’ll do just fine, whether you’re growing on you patio, decking, balcony or lawn.

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