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Growing Vegetables in Wine Barrels over Winter

John of shares with you what he is growing in Northern California over the winter time in wine barrels in his driveway, which is usually not useful for planting. You too can grow in wine barrels in a small space including walkway or patio or driveway!

Storm Damage, My Best Compost Ever?, Harvesting, Rain Barrel Build, & Another Crazy Cat!

I shot this update over several days: The aftermath of a storm w/a 40mph gust front, I tilled up newly made compost (over the last seven days) and it’s what I think is some of my best compost ever, a rain barrel build, added fresh compost to the tomato beds, harvesting from the garden (TOMATOES & more!!), AND after coming in from harvesting, I thought it would be a good idea to shoot a scene without checking to see if I needed to comb my hair (LOL), PLUS my other cat “Tink” sticks her tounge out at me over and over! Finally, I show the completed gutter work to bring rain off the roof and into my rain barrel. Come on in and join the madness that is Reaganite71’s garden 😉
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Patio tomato plants can be grown in a container on your patio or balcony. Learn how to grow Patio tomatoes in this free video. Expert: Stan DeFreitas Contact: Bio: Stan DeFreitas, also known as “Mr. Green Thumb”, has experience as an urban horticulturist working for the Pinellas County Extension Service and has taught horticulture at the St. Petersburg College. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hog Panels Make the Best Trellis for Growing Vertical in a Raised Bed Garden

John from goes on a field trip to the local hardware store to share his favorite trellis material for use when growing a vertical garden. In this episode, you will become more familiar with stock, hog, cattle panels, welded wire fencing, and re mesh mats and rolls and how they can be used to grow plants up a trellis to get them off the ground. In addition, you will learn about how steel stock tanks can be used as a raised bed garden and finally how you can store rain to water your garden.

Planting 45 Garlic Cloves in a Half Wine Barrel Container Garden

John from talks about the busiest time in his garden- after the first frost and how he gets everything accomplished. He also shows you how he plants out 45 Garlic Cloves that will turn into 45 Garlic Bulbs Next Year.

Above ground container vegetable garden using rainwater — FINAL VIDEO — Video #8

29 August 2011 — Day 115 Hurricane Irene slowed my upload of this video- lack of electricity will do that! Ended up getting a lot of cucumber and tomatoes from the plants this season. The Red Peppers are just coming in now, but most have brown/black blotches on them. The worst production was from the yellow & green squash plants… I doubt I got more than a few of each. Most likely related to the infestation of insects that bored into the stalks. No new tomatoes in quite a while now. Have been told no tomatoes flower fertilization above 90 degrees. If true, that would explain it. So just growing the tomatoes that were fertilized in the earlier part of the season…. And that will be it! One thing I am pretty sure about now, the soil in a one-gallon milk contained cannot hold enough water to keep the plants from wilting in the heat of the summer. I found that I needed to water 2 to 3 times a day with the heat of July. And even with a “drip irrigation” system, that it not practical. Next year, if I try again, will use 2.5 gallon containers- more soil & more potential moisture in the soil. The “drip irrigation” system in fact never really had a “drip”. It was more of a squirt. So my ~5 gallons of water pumped up into the head tank would be distributed in less than half an hour. A real “drip” system might have been more helpful for irrigation. Not sure I would now recommend this irrigation kit from Harbor Freight. But never used any tap water all summer long. It was a dry

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