1. … I don’t think beans are too crazy about pulling dirt up on their stalks so I don’t do it. I apply a little fertilizer at planting time and that’s it, no side dressing. We have been getting some much needed rain the last few days. Thanks for sending me some. lol…… Donald

  2. man..i wish i could talk you into not using fertilizer!! lol youd be amazed at what a dozen dump truck loads of the compost i use will do.

  3. … a garden this size would take a lot of compost……Donald

  4. between the compost and your worm tea..you would save a TON of money on fertilizer though lol.

  5. Do you have coons that try to get your corn?
    If so how do you keep them away

  6. … I sure do have coons that just love that sweet corn. This year I spread out a box of moth balls in the patch and it seemed to work. Had very few years that had been eaten……Donald

  7. Hi Donald, I love these videos! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Just one question, I water my vegetables every night, and I live in the UK where rainfall is pretty common. Will over watering my plants stun their growth or hurt the plant even though the water is absorbing into the soil?

  8. … even if you’re in a drought watering everyday seems like a lot. Before watering, dig down a few inches into the soil and check for moisture. You’ll probably fine you have more than appears on the surface. Plants don’t like to be saturated in water and can cause problems. I see that in the rainy season…….Donald

  9. where did you buy your hipper/bedder? I have been looking but can’t find one for my compact tractor.

  10. … Stevens Tractor Company, tell em I sent you. Ask for the “Row Hippers”. They can ship just about anywhere….Donald

  11. How do you store all of your crops, or do you sell or donate most of them?

  12. … I do some canning, some freezing, give some away and sell a little. The corn in the video was harvested and frozen…….Donald

  13. Ok, I got the corn and potatoes cultivated today. Tomorrow I plan on hilling both crops. My question is, should I side dress all of it with a little 13-13-13 fertilizer before I bring the dirt up to the stalks/plants with the row hippers? The corn is about 1.5 to 2 ft. tall, as well as the potato plants…Thanks. Oh…. the cultivators will sure let you know how straight the rows are and how straight you planted!! (I lost some corn stalks.)

  14. …if your potato plants are that tall already I wouldn’t give em any more fertilizer. You can side dress the corn, it’s likes fertilizer. Cultivators will do that to you……Donald

  15. Thanks for the quick reply… Ok got a small question (and probably many more to come..lol…) Besides G-90, what other varieties of corn are pretty much ‘guaranteed’ to grow here in South LA ?

  16. …go to the LSU AgCenter web site, they’ll have other recommended varieties for Louisiana….Donald

  17. Thanks so much for your videos! I really enjoy them a lot…My garden did real well last year and I have found that keeping the cows out of the garden helps it do even better LOL! But any way got a Quick question- Are you broadcasting the fertilizer over the corn plants? If so how does it not burn them? I am not criticizing you or anything cause you do a great job and know what you are doing. Just wondering thanks! God Bless from South Carolina. -Steven-

  18. …Hey Steven, you may get a little leave burn but it’s really nothing to worry about just don’t over do it…….Donald

  19. Got just about all my corn picked. Still got a few ears left on the stalks but not many at all. Been eatin corn and potatoes like crazy! And I really can’t believe how delicious everything is! I don’t know if it’s because me and my tractor done it or what the deal is. But everything is Great! Will for sure be planting another Spring garden next year…

    Noticed that most of the corn had big green worms in it and looked like “brown sugar”. Why?? I just cut the worms and “bad stuff” out though.

  20. …I just break the damaged part off too…..Donald

  21. Thanks. That makes me feel much better because I thought I might have let the corn stay on the stalks too long…. I might go ahead and pick the rest of it tomorrow. Matter of fact, I got some that I bouled on the stove while ago. Fixing to go eat me a few more ears!! LOL… I done ate about 10 ears today alone! Haha!!

  22. Donald. I saw another guy talking about cutting off the suckers. Do you do that and when should I do that? Thanks

  23. I don’t do that and I’m not quite sure why some people do…..Donald 

  24. Thanks for all the video’s. They come in useful when those little doubts start creepin in. Could not remember what to fertilize corn with this year. Five minutes of watching you and presto.  I agree with the comment about water in the garden. Worst drought in years last year and the best garden in years. Funny aint it. Thanks from a cajun in Texas.

  25. You can always add water but can’t take it out when there’s too much…..Donald

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