1. @minibullterriers … grew some Cherokee Purple for the first time. Ate my first one yesterday and boy was it good. I think I’m going to grow some more next year……..Donald

  2. whats a frost?

  3. Thank you! Great video’s, not too much talking, no irritating music…..just very helpful information.

  4. @MMcAllister7801 …Glad you enjoyed……Donald

  5. Great idea about filling halfway…just in time for my tom seeds!! also love the
    mini green house, thanks and keep these videos comin’ Bonnie

  6. @bostoncompasslady …I’m hooked on that method works really, really well. Glad you enjoy and your welcome…..Donald

  7. Thanx very much for the useful tips, and keep posting videos like this for those of us with not so green thumbs :’) This will be the first time that I have ever harvested vegies from seeds I have started. I have always overwatered them early on. Thanx again, Ed

  8. @punkybill …I’ve also overwatered lots of little seedlings in the past and it will probably happen again from time to time. The weight of the cup tells you a lot about how much to water…….Donald

  9. everytime i try to grow tomatoes from sed, they come up grow about 3 inches tall and skinny then fall over and die. What am i doing wrong?

  10. everytime i try to grow tomatoes from seed, they come up grow about 3 inches tall and skinny then fall over and die. What am i doing wrong?

  11. @bhauk …Not giving them enough light…..Donald

  12. I have the wire shelf and clear plastic, But after I complete that…Do I still need to put it out in the sun? Couldnt I rig a heat amp like you use for baby chicks? Next, I have the jiffy posts just like you use. The 3 inch ones…..But where did you get those black plastic trays to hold the water? Any thoughts on what I could use or substatute it with??

  13. @MrArtathart …Sunlight would be my first choice but folks grow great seedlings under a light as well. The trays (I call flats) can be found at any garden center or big box hardware. I’ve seen people use baking pans to start their seedlings in. Really anything that will not leak when you water……Donald

  14. My tomato seedlings seemed to stop growing they have their first set of true leaves but they seem to be growing way to slow is that normal?

  15. when should i transplant my tomatoes? I still think mine are to small for transplanting but i’m not sure

  16. @RodrigorReyes123 …Tomatoes are usually ready to transplant in 6-8 weeks……Donald

  17. Very nice vidio awesome

  18. @satellitetune …Thanks…….Donald

  19. Another great video. Thanks! I experimented this year with mixing half promix potting soil and half compost. They seem to like it. We just had a cold snap
    but fortunately stayed above freezing.

  20. @swanz199 …This year I mostly used my compost and worm castings. Worked pretty well……Donald

  21. if i worked at this speed i will kill my self , specially when you have 400 tomatoes seed to plant

  22. Love all your videos how do you make your starter mixe

  23. @jamisonbrooks … My favorite is 2/3 compost, 1/3 worm castings. All compost also works very well. I like adding perlite to keep the mix from compacting……Donald

  24. Thanks for all the videos. I just started my garden this year and have learned a lot from you. If I had known about your vids before I planted, my garden would have been even better than it was. It still turned out good and I can’t wait for next spring to start again.

  25. @thomasrj42 … Glad everything turned out well for you. After a couple of seasons you’ll be a pro……Donald

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