Starting Indoor Container Gardening & Chicks Revisited

I was driving a friend around all day and while at Walmart I got some fresh salad greens for my tiny house. I am hoping to get a head start on some fresh edibles in my tiny home. We are still…


  1. Indoor container gardening and my off grid baby chicks doing well

  2. Sound like you have a hangover? When are you going to have a chicken roast?

  3. Better get tilling your garden. Where you still going to make a
    greenhouse?Also what is the purpose of the ducks? Just answer the duck
    question. What do you do with your waste?

  4. Hi Troy !

    That’s really a “scientific meter” you got there ;-)) – I had one myself
    and took it appart – there is absolutely nothing else but wiring in there !

    When measuring the light you should turn it around – the little round hole
    with the “grill” pattern is the light sensor.

  5. Troy, I found a site last year about rain gutter grow system and kiddie
    pool grow system. No tilling, no weeding, just plant and watch it grow. I
    planted in the walmart reusable bags and had the best garden ever. I’ll
    never go back to the old way of gardening again.

  6. That one chick that is defensive is the rooster I would be willing to bet.

  7. Lol, troy I see we get our greens at the same they have
    rwsberr8es at you WA art as well..if so… Grab am.we got some from the
    clearance 2 bucks each then we got one big plant 11 bucks…but the secret
    is getting them to propagate….next wenhave salmon berries..those were..
    Freebies….trans plants from the farm …

    I suppose in an emergency, we could. Grow indoors..

  8. I’ve noticed you haven’t showed the tiny house in any of your videos since
    you started the paneling the outside of your Tiny house. Any reason for
    this? I was wondering because it seems like you’re very careful not to even
    show it in any video since. 

  9. The tail on the aggressive chicken appears to be a bit longer and the chick
    itself looks like the largest of the bunch. Based on those two aspects as
    well as its actions, I would say that it is a rooster.

  10. Hey, that little chicken is a little cocky. lol

  11. I never get bored watching your video’s, I love how you mix it up. I liked
    when you showed the soap when it was done. I was waiting to see that. You
    keep doing what your doing, it’s working. I love your life, you are truly
    blessed. Thank you for giving me a happy place to go after a hectic day of
    city life.

  12. Make sure you handle your aggressive little rooster a lot or he will attack
    you every time you feed & water. Nothing more annoying that having to fight
    off a rooster every time you need to work in the pen. They have black feet!
    Are they the black bone chickens?

  13. Watch the cats with ur salad they will eat it. The same way they like
    eating grass. I never had prob with insects cuz my cats got to my plants
    1st lol.

  14. no offense but those moisture meters are not too accurate…just lift the
    soil container and go by the weight of the soil to determine watering. It
    helps to keep you more in tune with the plants rather then simply checking
    a meter occasionally….if you become dependent on a meter to tell you when
    to water, if the meter is faulty, the plants will suffer. just my opinion.

  15. Troy did you ever plant those Moringa seeds?

  16. where do you buy your chicks?

  17. The ducklings are so cute! Have you ever heard of Indian Runner ducks? They
    are exceptionally tall and yours standing there sure look tall for their
    age. If that is what they are you got very lucky those ducks are beautiful!

  18. May I suggest a crude filter for the duck poop water before using it for
    the plants. I would put a drain near the bottom of a bucket, fill the
    bucket with wood chips or saw dust, pour the Duckponic water over the chips
    and let it drain through to the plants. (You might need to press to squeeze
    the water down) Every day or so dump the wood chips on the compost pile.
    Thus, the solids go to compost, not to the grow pot…which will stink to
    high heaven right quick if you don’t filter. 

  19. are those gmo plants?

  20. Hey Troy, I have the exact same hat. My brother got it for me when he went
    to Australia for vacation, and to see his girlfriend. He texted me, and
    asked me what i wanted, and i told him an Aussie bush hat.

  21. I find it interesting comparing my local weather conditions to yours (I
    live a bit south of you). I think in my area that frost is done till fall.
    This week the weather people (who tend to be wrong more often than right)
    are calling for the lowest temp being around 45-50 degrees. This year I
    plan to experiment with a sort of “Redneck Mittleider”. Using some parts of
    the Mittleider gardening method and some more traditional methods mixed
    with some organic methods. Do you have any specific plans for your garden
    this year? (lol watering the lettuce 11:45)

  22. Hey troy,if u only burn wood in ur fireplace use the ash on ur
    plants..great with minerals……only if u use wood.

  23. Put either chicken wire or netting to keep the cats out. YOU DO NOT WANT
    well. Come summer, you are going to have to put a curtain over that Window
    or the heat in the house will be unbearable. On the other windows as well.
    You would do well NOT to cut down ANY trees thhat shade your house in the
    summer. They help keep your house cool.

  24. Aww so cute , i have just started home growing myself feeling hopeful :)

  25. Two ducks seems like a waste of time. You will spend more energy caring for
    them and what will the return be?

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