Self-Watering Container Gardening System: Richard’s Garden

Richard has added eight containers of various sizes and shapes to his self-watering container garden, one of which is the EarthBox. He used the two EarthBoxes last year but with very little success because he couldn’t keep up with the watering because of the drought and his traveling. Now, by attaching the EarthBoxes to the self-watering system he only has to check one water reservoir and all eight of his containers will get watered. He and his wife like to travel so they could connect the float bucket to a garden hose and be gone for an extended period of time and not worry about watering, fertilizing or weeding their garden.


  1. i soo want to do this i just cant get buckets.. tho i keep trying..

  2. Good work Richard,  That is a great community you have there and awesome of you to share with us. Thanks-

  3. tell us what zone this is please …thanks

  4. Nice setup!

  5. He did a wonderful job. Sure makes gardening easier.

  6. …remove the plastic as the roots must breath or they shall not grow very large and will become diseased as will the stem and then the tomatoe leaves.

  7. Zone 8B

  8. very nice

  9. I have to make me one of those strawberry planter from the buckets, really cool. Blessings!

  10. Very nice.

  11. excellent I thought so but couldn’t remember ,I like the watering system !

  12. I wanted to give a tip for this. When we covered our buckets, we didn’t use a lid or plastic garbage bags, we reused the bags that the soil, compost, etc came in. Ours aren’t automated selfwatering like this though. Next year I plan to try the rain gutter self watering system that another youtuber showed. Thanks so much for your information. I love finding information relevant to our area (I’m from just northeast of Houston). Keep up the good work.

  13. Great idea about reusing compost bags. Richard hasn’t used up all the peat moss and perlite yet but when he does using the bags as covers is a great idea.

  14. Great idea about reusing compost bags. Richard hasn’t used up all the peat moss and perlite yet but when he does using the bags as covers is a great idea.

  15. Your system seems good LDSPrepper……After they grow … Won’t you have to support the tomato plants with some kind of cage or stakes .. ? … ..thanks for another nice , very informative set of videos for container garden watering

  16. Absolutely, just like my wife is supporting her tomato plants grown in her raised garden beds. The standard tomato cage will work perfectly with the buckets.

  17. The idea is great and want to try it. Curious, doesn’t the soil suffocate from lack of air contact? Not clear on how the water in earth box works. Please explain how the water goes in again.

  18. Please view my series on this system. I think that will answer all your questions.

  19. I use the same two bucket system, but use different soil. I purchase alfalfa bales and cut it up with my lawn mower. I buy patio plus from Kelloggs it has worm casting, bat poo, chicken manure and kelp. I put all this in my concrete mixer. I get three buckets from 1 bag of patio plus and alfalfa cuttings. I use the same formula in the ground. I use gypsum for the calcium sulfate.

  20. Sounds like a great mix. A lot of work but a great mix. I’m guessing you are getting good results too. Good job.

  21. What I don’t get is that this guy’s yard has plenty of acrage but he plants his veggies in containers?

  22. One great thing about this system is it can be elevated so if you are in your 70’s like Richard is you don’t have to bend over so much to tend your garden and you don’t have to do back breaking work to clear a garden bed or build a raised garden. This solution made it possible for him to garden again.

  23. One problem with buckets (without plastic cover) is when it rains, the buckets will overflow.  Perhaps raised beds are better. I also kind of agree with one poster about removing the plastic cover to let root breath.

  24. This system includes an over flow hole 3″ from the bottom of the first bucket. Since all of the buckets are connected the water level in all the buckets remains the same. If in a heavy rain storm the water raises to the 3″ mark it automatically exits through the hole.

  25. If somebody wants to grow organic, there might be content issues with one’s yard soil. Some people have heavy gopher/mole issues, which a raised bed like this guy has will circumvent.

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