Rooftop Garden Grows Food to Feed Customers at Busy Cafe

John from goes on a field trip to show you a Rooftop Raised Bed Garden that is being used to feed people at Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe, in Fairfield, CT. In this video John will show the garden after their first growing season. In addition, you will discover the plants would be most beneficial to grow that will yield the most usable produce for the cafe. After watching this episode you will learn the plants that did the plants that did best as well as what the cafe plans to plant in the future.

25 Responses to “Rooftop Garden Grows Food to Feed Customers at Busy Cafe”

  • LGZEE says:

    Thanks John. I was wanting to know about the dehydration in order to ingest as much of the greens as possible. I was thinking of adding the dried greens to meals I eat to increase the nutrients in my foods. Considering one tablespoon is like eating a half pound of something. You know what I’m saying? Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for all the info I have gained over the years watching your videos.

  • DeDe Sullivan says:

    John, I work for an editorial site called House Logic- we want to work with you — can you forward the best email to reach you at? Here is my g mail account: mydarkroots at g mail dot com

  • MRBLACKPEARL04 says:

    It’s up to us to create abundance. I already started.

  • wanjek says:

    They must have great compost potential, too. All the non-meat food scraps good go up there.

  • pinksapphiret says:

    Hi John, U TB isn’t delivering your videos to my feed so I wasn’t able to be notified of your newest videos. I had to hunt for it! … nice report, you do excellent videos. very informative and I learn alot! have a good week John. Don’t work too hard…keep growing those greens! smiling :)♥

  • Robert Brennan says:

    Thanks for the vid

  • Llepsdog says:

    I just started a garden in a shopping cart.

  • growingNokc says:

    One of the most Unique videos I have seen you produce John! Great job.

  • dyllos7 says:

    Misleading title to this video, John – this little garden couldn’t feed two people never mind a cafe! it seems rather token – you are right it should be as big as possible! – so much wasted space with heat absorbing stones!?! please give better title in future :)

  • dianemummvideos says:

    Got to get me some rock dust John, you talk so highly of it.. I have seen some rooftops , I think it is a great idea for those that have a useable roof.. enjoy your travels!

  • starlight219 says:

    John, hey head’s up!  what do you think of Home Depot’s new mixed compost for $5.97/cuft bag?

  • JdieNite says:

    John do the flora plants surrounding the beds approximately @1:17 serve as just aesthetics or do they provide pest control as well? If they serve as pest control what is the name of the plants, and what pest do they keep at bay?

    SB – Thanks so much fur these RAD and Informative vids!!!

    Love and Peace

  • ThreeEyedTeddyBear says:

    The maint type he talks about is Azomite Rock dust. IF you can try to grow a garden in it and mirrored garden all the same but without it and pout up a video I’d love to see the results.

  • tazno1 says:

    good points. they could raise koi fish, they an co for 300$ a peace,

  • amieghall says:

    Thank you – we are all about getting started and we love how you suggest what to do and grow next – so what do you want to grow in your Square Foot Garden? What do you envision as you strongest and most useful plants to grow? This is FUN – thanks – so much – we are all in this together!!!!! The key idea is to keep it going and growing! Edible flowers equal health and beauty!

  • amieghall says:

    Our rich soil mixture is what John shares – Mel’s Mix and once you start with Mel’s Mix – you just add compost from 5 sources – know your compost!
    Welcome your space, your neighbors and build the potential – make it a welcoming space and add benches and more!!

  • hammerpower100 says:

    how was the woodstock fruit festival?

  • UnkleAlbert says:

    11:24 Leaf in between toes….

  • nolessthanill says:

    He has a video on taste testing against a box of local organic products. He also has a video where he did a strawberry experiment. That’s just off the top of my head. Furthermore, he cites remineralize . org a lot. You might check there for more scientific commentary.

  • AmazingSculptures says:

    If they ever make a real life Beavis and Butthead movie you would be great for one of those characters ☺

  • Helenelalala says:

    most cows are gmo these days, would not touch anything from them

  • Helenelalala says:

    super thanks!

  • Helenelalala says:

    excuse my ignorance but there are things growing in valleys and mountains so why not on unflat roofs?

  • Helenelalala says:

    Loved this vid, thanks. I’d love many more houses to grow on top.

  • tmalonso says:

    Sadly some of the rooftops here in Maine have such a steep pitch it would be very difficult to do any ‘gardening work’ up on the roof…it would be like working on the edge of a cliff if you tried to do it on my roof. I’ve seen some small slanted rooftop gardens, but with a pitch as steep as mine, I’d be at dramatic risk for falling off the roof while working :) But you’re definitely right, things will grow completely horizontally like those strawberry hanging planters that grow out the sides.

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