Planting Sweet Potato and a Few Tips for Continual Yields

Don’t be afraid to grow sweet potato. Normally a hot weather crop you can grow these in the northern US and Canada as well if you start early or if you are not afraid to grow indoors.
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  1. Thank you. You solved my problem of looking for sweet potatoe plant. Now I have an unlimited source of sweet potatoe plats. I love what you do for us. Thanks

  2. Ours grew all winter indoors. So yup! -Randy

  3. OK Love the video, but question.. I started the indoor growth May 10 and I have lot of roots just not the long stems as of yet. After I plant it in a storage container if I need to bring in doors will they still grow and produce indoors while in the dirt as well as they would outside in a dirt filled container?

  4. Looks great!

  5. It’s been pretty crazy as of late… the past few weeks I’ve been working 2 jobs and don’t get home until late. I hope that will change in the next couple weeks here so I can get back to gardening! We just released another video just today (08/13/2011). Also… on our channel page the most current video will automatically play for you. We’ve set it up that way. That should make it easier for ya. 😉 – Randy

  6. Well i’m not much on my computer nowadays but I missed like at least 5 of your videos. So anyway how ya both been? 😉

  7. We haven’t done a new video in about 10 days… might be why. Busy life… !!! – Randy

  8. Hey Idon’t get notices for your videos anymore. Anyway love the outdoor furniture. 🙂
    Oh and here(east coast) sweet potatoes do ok in the greenhouse

  9. Wow …you guys, love this sweet pa tay ta video.
    I’m sharing this with the kids garden club at school. They’ll love it.

  10. You guys are great. Keep up the fine work spreading this dirty knowledge!

    Viva la verte, viva la verite!

  11. love sweet potatoes

  12. I tried sweet potatoes (outdoors) last year and while they grew well and produced spuds, there was some critter in our soil that just LOVED them and they really got damaged.  I was so disappointed. I hope you have much better luck and being you’re growing in the bags, you probably will. I got the starts from the local farm store, so good to see how to do it from scratch. Thanks Amanda!

  13. Hey guys…
    We plant the whole tuber & found you get a better crop that way… May help that we are in a Subtropical climate… We wound that they sent roots down & grew tubers everywhere, even between pavers…
    Good luck & hope it grows crazy for you…
    Have a great one…

  14. Nice Video other then the AC noise. I planted some sweet potatoes in my homemade earthboxes, Hoping they turn out will..

  15. Love SP’s. Thank you so much for the info. Awesome! Hugs and Love, will so give this a try ♥

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