1. Just added another 5 lbs. of worms to the tub thanks to BestBuyWorms. They love it in there…….. Donald

  2. Stuffed with shrimp, crawfish or a good rice dressing is the most popular way of cooking them in Louisiana ……. Donald

  3. good to hear! i bet your churning out a fair amount of castings! i really like your videos . i guess im one of your younger viewers and id sure love to move and live in the country when im older. your videos have really inspired me 🙂 thanks George

  4. what the heck are these?

  5. Around here they are usually stuffed with shrimp, crawfish or a good rice dressing them baked. They are also known as vegetable pears…….. Donald

  6. Very interesting video@I like the idea of watering pipe:)5*****

  7. Works well…… Donald

  8. I could learn a lot from you! Merci!!

  9. @ColeAnthonyLA … just stick to the basics and keep it simple. You’ll do just fine……… Donald

  10. Your soil looks so great. Always like your videos.

  11. @TheGreenerGardener … thanks…… Donald

  12. I need to see if you can help me my mirliton is growing but the outer edge of the leaf is turning little yellow how is yours doing and can you help me …thank you

  13. @deepsouthlouisiana … couldn’t find any to plant this year so I’m not growing any. Kind of sounds like a little too much fertilizer, they should grow out of it…… Donald

  14. thank you so much and I will send you some if I get any this year if you would like have a great day and ps I just love watching you and your set up is great

  15. @deepsouthlouisiana … just a few to stuff would be great. Thanks……Donald

  16. Oh, no! Not merliton. The curse of my teenage years. I was raised in a Cajun family in Port Arthur, Texas. Someone told my dad that he could feed his whole family (4 teenagers/2 adults) with one merliton plant. He planted that sucker and it must have produced 4,000 merliton! We ate them EVERY day! We thought we’d o.d. on merliton! All us kids vowed that if we survived, when grown, we’d never eat another merliton…and none of us have! LOL (It’s only funny now. It wasn’t back then!)

  17. @katzcradul … the good thing about a mirliton is what ever you stuff it with than’t what it’s going to taste like. Not much of a taste of their own………Donald

  18. In Mexico, these are called chayotes. I never liked them. Then, last year i saw a recipe for chayote soup, and it was delicious! Blended up the boiled chayotes, onions, cilantro and a can of chopped chiles. A great cream soup. Top with sour cream, plain yogurt or crema if you like, and a few cilantro sprigs. Roasted pepitos would be good on top, too.

  19. @liagarden … sounds like some good eating……Donald

  20. You don’t call them Vegatable Pears? I got one started last year but it died I think I am nurseing the vine it left under the hay. Did you get a mail and femail, My wife tells me that is not true. Does she know.

  21. @SidneyBou …I didn’t look for male / female, these produced lots of Mirlitons. More than I could use…….Donald

  22. I should have also asked how they are doing now. I have one I started last year I believe I have the bottom of the vine with a leaf on it and am waiting for it to start the vine. My Grand Father raised them but I didn’t pay any attention. We called them Mirliton or Vegatable pears. Unfortunatly no one taught me french Even if my parents and grandparents spoke french.

  23. @SidneyBou …I only grew them that one year, so nothing out there now……Donald

  24. Thank you for the video, i have planted my own mirliton today using your advice

  25. @JuneGemini000 …It’s my understanding that in the winter the plant should be cut back and covered to protect it from the cold weather…..Donald

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