Organic Gardening With Peter Bennett (Expert) – Author of best selling book ‘Organic Gardening.’ Peter has devoted his life to the preservation of our environment and sustainable agricultue, teaching thousands his methods on Organic Gardening. More at

7 Responses to “Organic Gardening With Peter Bennett (Expert)”

  • DanOManno says:

    I really appreciate your approach to healthy produce through sound soil management. I have done a few videos on both cold frames and raised beds and have developed a rudimentary understanding of how it is that the microbes in a healthy soil actually feed the plants that feed us. Thanks.

  • jihadacadien says:

    Great video…..good that at least some people are going back to the right way of gardening =)

  • danetube30 says:

    Rest In Peace My Beautiful Father. You have contributed so much to our environment. Your Legacy will live on.

    Your Son,


  • CelticSouthland says:

    My Grandfather never called it Organic Farming, he called it farming.

    He called the Corporate Oligarch method Chemical Farming.

    Even by that time, he could see that Chemical Farming is wrong.

  • fannybaba says:

    At the moment we are at a crossroads, governments and countries realize that we need to do something about the way we produce our food, and how to produce enough for a growing population, but could very easily be swayed by the big corporate interests in agribusiness, its a bit of a David and Goliath fight.

  • MDC01FLY says:

    I can listen to this guy talk all day..

  • gardenguidebook says:

    This was a really good video, thank you for posting this. :)

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