1. looking forward to the folow up…the garden looks good! I like the shower/water recycling system. would figs do well in the mountains here in western north carolina…not a particulary high elevation in macon county?

  2. Figs should live there. They will grow best if planted on the south facing wall of a building that has plenty of sun (the roots are aggressive house foundations). Once the trunk is about three years old it will stand a hard freeze of 15 degrees of a day or two. Start a new fig tree by burying a 3 foot new branch at a 30 degree angle with 6 inches above ground. Keep moist of two months and you have a fig tree. contact me for more tips.

  3. loved it, please follow up on this

  4. Excellent. Lot’s of good ideas.

  5. Great little vid. I’d be interested in that recycled shower-water system you use to water your garden. On your rain water barrel- why no filtration? Seems like a lot of gunk would be in the run-off from the roof. Keep up the good work.

  6. Great vid brother, lots of good ideas in there too! Thanks for your time in sharing your garden . Peace

  7. thats an awesome backyard

  8. Wonderful garden. Here in Athens the squirrels eat all my figs. I’ll try your method and plant a new tree and maybe they will share! My pistachio tree is 6 years old, no nuts yet. My muscadines are all vine & no fruit. I’ll watch for your next video.

  9. Love the bird song-paradise

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. This was great.

  11. I enjoyed seeing your garden. I’ve always wanted to grow a fig tree. I’m planting in 40 gallon containers this spring. At some point I’d like to put some dwarf fruit trees in containers.

  12. very nice! and yes the birds are beautiful

  13. How did you get rid of your red clay?

  14. Nice video! I love gardening!

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