Make Money from Your Garden by Having an Honor System Farm Stand

John from goes on a field trip to Classic Organic off hwy 101 just 40 miles north of Santa Barbara. In this episode you will see how a successful honor system farm stand runs and how some of their produce is grown. You will discover the different produce items they grow as well as how they trellis their raspberries and how to pick a ripe raspberry. Finally you will learn the farmers creed and how he builds the soil instead of using conventional fertilizers. After watching this video you will have some excellent ideas on how to have your own honor system farm stand so you can profit from growing food.

25 Responses to “Make Money from Your Garden by Having an Honor System Farm Stand”

  • surf420silver says:

    not on long island

  • anyuisbjoern says:

    I love your channel und your information.
    sometimes i get nausea and a feeling of seasickness from listening to your loud farmers market sellers voice. I love your chanel learned a lot here.

  • anyuisbjoern says:

    in denmakr hey often have such boxes at the beginning of the arm in the farm is a pot where to put money and there are bags of potatos, or berries. its very trusting the danish. different here in germany. we are more impressed by our dictatorship and all the periods.

  • Yarcofin says:

    Unfortunately this wouldn’t work in front of my house, people would probably just take the stuff… and I bet they wouldn’t even eat it, they’d just throw it in the street.

  • leronk says:

    Do you ask Big Brother for permission to wipe your bum too?

  • ghostchaser13 says:

    mmmmmm! I’d be picking those raspberries for sure! what a great farm (and honor system for paying!)–could that work here in Berkeley, Ca.? I wish!)—I just picked some wild raspberries in the back lot of an empty house(for sale)yesterday a.m.(after I cleared all the tall weeds that is—lol –free labor for them)–the City of Berkeley just passed an ordinance that allows people to sell fruit from their trees and veggies from their own gardens too -thnx for posting this video John

  • ghostchaser13 says:

    Is a strwaberry a fruit? —a raspberry is considered to be a compound fruit and a strawberry is considered to be a pseudo fruit—what are they John? anybody? curious red

  • ghostchaser13 says:

    whoops–(spelling) Strawberry(Fields Forever)!

  • ghostchaser13 says:

    how many berries did you eat as you picked? lol

  • GaryWright1944 says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing.
    I find it very helpful. I am in the planing stages for a veggie garden starting next year.
    I will definately use your suggestions. I have also been buying (used) the books you
    recommend in another video. Keep on growing my friend.

  • MrAbrownfield says:

    nice find john

  • jakearick says:

    Hope you checked out Cambria. My favorite place on the Cali coast

  • Jon Rob says:

    Thanks John, One of my favorite videos from you. Like how you threw a 10 in the bin to support those who support you!

  • jonboda says:


  • Tommyr says:

    I don’t trust the “Honor System”. You can’t even trust PRIESTS so ….

  • Quintessentialkttens says:

    What a beautiful old barn structure/country store. It is evident that these farmers have put much thought into their farm operation, the retail part of it – even while keeping this simple. Generous prices, expansive selection. Always in appreciation of your sharing your growing-related discoveries.

  • arjunab1 says:

    Pretty incredible video. Next time I’m anywhere near there, I’ll check them out.

  • MiWilderness says:

    thanks for sharing John. Great ideas!

  • kryptiea says:

    wish we had places like that here.

  • April NewToRaw says:

    Wouldnt work here either unfortunatly there are more theives here then honest people. Cant even have a yard sale without someone ripping something off. Crazy I know. Love the video and the idea of the honor system. Anyhow thanks for posting it was fun to watch.

  • WatWudBeACoolUsrname says:


  • d0mine11 says:

    Great video really enjoyed it.There are more good people out there than bad! thanks for the video

  • paulpellicci says:

    Between Santa Barbara and Albany? I didn’t know they were in Buffalo…..(I wish)

  • April NewToRaw says:

    John I know sorry wrong video. But I have a ? for you. Can you grow soy beans from a bean its self or is there something you have to do to it?

  • April NewToRaw says:

    Ps. Still love your videos.

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