Low Cost Methods to Build a Vegetable Garden Update

John from www.growingyourgreens.com goes on a field trip to a friends old victorian home to share updates on what has been growing on at this rental property in terms of growing food with little or no money. In this episode, John will share some of techniques implemented and some things that could use improvment . After watching this episode, you may get some ideas that can help you grow food for low cost at your home.

25 Responses to “Low Cost Methods to Build a Vegetable Garden Update”

  • atripa645 says:

    quit trolling please, do us and yourself a favor

  • paidskn1488 says:

    I guess you feel the need of waring labels on HOT coffer to say “Caution contains HOT liquids”.

  • TheSimplyPolitical says:

    Look up ad blocker.

  • TheSimplyPolitical says:

    look up ad blocker.

  • growingyourgreens says:

    I would get a tumbling composter. That should keep the rats out.

  • growingyourgreens says:

    For tall tomato plants, I recommend the texas tomato cage. Otherwise, you can train it up any trellis made of string and T-Posts. There are many options. You can also single stem the plant up some rebar. Depends on your budget and how much space/time you have.

  • Lbionic says:

    Thanks John

  • jmacep3 says:

    John, you all ways have great wisdom. You say things on how people can live healthy and be healthy. Now I know that we dont all have labrotories but, I would like to see you just explain indepth a bit more in your video of why you say your things such as processed sugars are not good, or more indepth on why plants do what they do. but over all you do a great job. peace keep doing it and the field trips i like the best. I dont get to go to all the cool places. keep up the good work. Peace. thanks

  • coffeespookie says:

    I recommend to folks that in addition to craigslist to checkout freecycle

  • srugel44 says:

    Is this a sly satiric witticism about politicians?

  • greensings says:

    Hi John I always watch your videos on my iPhone but this one would not allow. I think the settings might be different from the others. Hope I can watch your videos again in the future:(

  • Nphyx says:

    Nice vibrams ^.^ (I have the same pair).

  • Plant Gollum says:

    John u can also make Rose Tea

  • Jefferdaughter says:

    Its amazing how rat populations in a number of cities exploded right after those cities waged campaigns to eliminate alley cats. In Baltimore, DC and other cities, instead of seeing cats around the dumpsters, I’ve seen huge rats - in the broad daylight of afternoon. Another example of ‘unintended consequences’,

  • Jefferdaughter says:

    And the fruit, the rse ‘hips’, are edible, and often tasy, depending on the variety. Dried rose hips also make an excellent tea.

  • Jefferdaughter says:

    Ample information is available on the effects of refined processed sugar on the body. Keep in mind the reliability of the info source; and whether that source is likely to be biased. Remember that experiments test things in isolation. For instance, fructose by itself is NOT the same as eating fruit. My touchstone is: what did my ancestors eat? And how did they eat it? Enjoy the journey!

  • samuelgerhard says:

    plywood is not recommended for raised beds because of leaching.

  • ElectronicTech1999 says:

    Hi John, do you know about Silicon solution? Did you ever use it? 

  • jmacep3 says:

    yep i agree with you. thanks.

  • ThreeEyedTeddyBear says:

    Old family saying comes to mind for the planning for spacing and growth. “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance” Something to live by.

  • JanetUSA says:

    The 99 Cents store has the Topsy Turvy Tomatoe Planters right now.

  • ButtPuddingMuffnCake says:

    So helpful, thank you!

  • Maugirl2 says:

    we live in the countryside and have mice, rats and shrews as standard here…they love the compost heap…now the grass snakes have moved in to eat them up – and we have more owls to eat the snakes – personally i hate snakes but I appreciate that they are all part of nature (just as long as I dont step on one by mistake LOL) and everything feeds everything else, so it’s all good – nature takes care of its own, if we let it:) But it’s probably different for people living in big towns/cities…

  • Getthegarden101 says:

    I love the swing

  • sarahravensgarden says:

    it’s so important to get spacing accurate!

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