How To Start A Vegetable Garden

Follow the process of starting a vegetable garden and orchard through an entire growing season. First episode of the Let’s Get Growing segment. From the Southwest Yard & Garden Series.

Vegetable Garden A tour of the place and some of the things that go on in the country. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at


  1. Round Up? Really… Shame on you.

  2. Wonderful video, thank you for uploading. 🙂

  3. I stopped watching this video when the guy said Round Up. Monsanto and their products are manure in my book.

  4. @JuneGemini000 … It’s really just simple county living.  Thanks for your kind words…….Donald

  5. I really envy you , your lifestyle it is so amazing. It is really admirable that how much you are sophisticated in your ways of farming and living. I like your house very calm and quiet. Thanks for posting and letting us know that there is a different world out there more pleasant and calm and natural. All the best for your constant hard work and efforts Mr. Donald

  6. @webcajun haha because its bad if fuel lines get cloged same with arteries haha

  7. @TheGuywithecamera … Guess you could look at it that way……Donald

  8. @TheGuywithecamera … Works every time. lol……Donald

  9. fuel lines are like arteries in so many ways

  10. “a little excelerant is what they call it….witch is desal” haha

  11. @momheinan … You’re right about country living, I wouldn’t trade for a 10 million dollar home in the city. Glad you enjoy the vids and thank you……Donald

  12. Hi! I’ve been watching as many of your videos as I can today, my first visit. One great little video led to another and now it’s been hours watching, learning, laughing, and lovin’ it. Thank you so much, Donald. I raised my four kids on a two and a half acre “mini farm” and I agree… it is far and away THE BEST lifestyle. I’m 50-something-er-other now, and still loving organic gardening on 1/3 acre. Thanks again for all the great tips and laughs. Love those dogs! :>) slowinidaho

  13. @MRWENDELL1963 … I’m down here in Louisiana. You did good with those hogs…….Donald

  14. @MRWENDELL1963 …Usually hill my potatoes twice and try to leave a little of the plants out the soil…..Donald

  15. where is your place at up here in mi i have 8.2 acres i live in a old farm house bult back in 1885 only bad thing no old barns was a dairy farm also own the house across the street with 3.86 with small barn hope to keep some cows over there this fall do you have any lie stock i raised 5 hogs last year after the butcher i brought home 960.0 of pork

  16. HOW many times do you hill your potatoes while there growing i have hilled mine three times but i tend to cover all the green tops over with dirt is that good or not i dont remember what my grand father did to his i wish i could any advice would be good up here in mi thanks wendell and about the barn my trusses where the hardest to do

  17. @MRWENDELL1963 …I started out drawing a 20×40 then a 40×40 then settled on a 40×60. Wish I could have built 2. lol……Donald


  19. @10ga …I really don’t mind cutting, makes the place look so much better…….Donald

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