How to Start a Container Garden – The Home Depot

Learn how to start a container garden with this How-To video from The Home Depot. The video provides details for starting a container garden and offers expert tips for planting vegetables and herbs as well as container garden maintenance. For more information, visit


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  4. home de POT ! 🙂

  5. It’s too bad that these PLASTIC containers are so expensive. $40-$100 for plastic?

  6. Rubbermaid Totes and Paint Buckets are doing ok for me. Also, heirloom seeds are better than the stuff they grow. I put a video up of my container garden.

  7. Thanks. Also Walmart has huge round plastic tubs with rope handles for $5-$10. These planters at Home Depot are way overpriced. The shelves are always fully stocked and I never see anyone buying them.

  8. Yes – they are blue. Can’t beat the price. I picked a a couple for some extra vegetables. They work fine with drainage holes. I’ll probably store them in the garage over the winter.

  9. Boycott the home depot for fired man that wore a button that read “In God we trust!”
    Thanks Fox News for letting us know!

  10. @jdrum12,

    Everywhere and everything is expensive in the USA. It’s annoying. Who the hell can afford a $40 container?

  11. You’re right . It’s hard to find a bargain.

  12. @FightUni09
    Never thought of those, but definately looking into cost effective options

  13. @sickayda ~~Wow, that is pretty messed up!! But, it’s the fallen world we live in.

  14. container gardening is great when you live in urban settings as well. It brings a pop of color to the city.

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