How to grow Zucchini & Squash in pots.

This is the 2nd year i have been growing Zucchini in hanging pots, and i show you how effective and simple it is to do, also that it is possible to do because you will have alot of people tell you it cant be done. Please subscribe to my channel for more video updates.

3 Responses to “How to grow Zucchini & Squash in pots.”

  • Veggiepatchinperth says:

    how is your wall reinforced not to fall over with all that weight??
    is this the same pots from before or have you extended it.

  • vil13n says:

    @Veggiepatchinperth Its just a standard fence so its not reinforced by anything.
    Yeah i have added an extra row on top, works pretty efficiently when you water the top ones it runs through and waters the ones underneath.

  • GrowSomethingGreen says:

    I like the way you have them there just sitting on the fence, pretty creative

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