How to grow Vegetables in Pots

Who said vegetables only come from markets? Your balcony, porch and roof top are better sources of healthy vegetables! Here’s a step by step demonstration of how to grow vegetables in pots on your roof top, terrace, balcony and porch. It’s easy and can be inexpensive if you use recycled materials and kitchen-made fertilizers. Demonstration by Shobha of Zed Foundation, Bangalore. Filmed at Zed Collective, Bangalore.

19 Responses to “How to grow Vegetables in Pots”

  • NeilBaylard says:

    I think the drainage is the problem with my plants.  Thanks for the advice on the sand and rocks. I had been mixing perlite and vermiculite thinking I could work around the drainage without rocks.

  • CombatWarrior420 says:

    Thanks for the video. While I do have land to plant vegetables and fruit in. I just can’t because I am going to sell my house and wondered if it was possible to plant in containers. Much appreciated.

  • chaiwithlakshmi says:

    Glad you like this video guys! :)

    I used sand bags around my rows of pots or at the mouth of the drain hole to prevent the soil mix from getting washed into the drains. Also, if your balcony or terrace is part of a rainwater harvesting system, then, a) you have to be careful about soil entering the water system and b) you have to avoid harmful chemicals altogether.

  • loytube1 says:

    strikingly beautiful girl. i heard something about vegetables, and containers, but can’t remember anything else except that face.

  • Beesa10 says:

    @chaiwithlaksmi Hi, I live in a terraced house in England and I have a small back garden but because it doesn’t get very much sunshine I have decided to try growing vegetables in containers in my front garden. It is bare and covered with pebbles but it gets alot of sunshine. So far I have 4 big buckets of soil/compost mixture (which I still need to cut some drainage holes at the bottom of) My neighbours are looking at me like I’m crazy, but tbh I couldn’t care less!

  • chaiwithlakshmi says:

    Hello @Beesa10 !
    I hope you have a good first harvest! :)

  • mastrclndr says:

    well . . it always is beneficial to live ibn a tropical environment, and then be young, with time on one’s hands and money . . very successful combination

  • mastrclndr says:

    perhaps if she was exposed to a cucumber

  • bittersweetcandy1 says:

    I fertilise my own plants 😉

  • TheEidolon7 says:

    Thank you. Good information and nice presentation. Subscribed.

  • mrseetharamank says:

    thank u a very useful video lakshmi  thank u

  • Beesa10 says:

    Hello Lakshmi (spelled correctly this time, forgive me), thanks, I hope so too.
    I’ve started some runner beans, tomato plants, chilis and aubergines. Quite an early stage but so far they are looking good. :)

  • chaiwithlakshmi says:

    That’s great! Email us some pics once you’ve got the harvest. Would love to see! Email addy:

  • chaiwithlakshmi says:

    I doubt you need everything in perfect place in life to find a successful combination. :)

  • chaiwithlakshmi says:

    Thank you! :)

  • YsahsCreativeHobbies says:

    i love gardening too..

  • WAXTHEFUR says:

    i wanna fuck you with my pepper

  • nacek4444 says:

    Damn, im trying to focus on vegetables here…you sexy….hey im growing

  • sixstrings24 says:

    My goodness you are beautiful. I would love to meet you. By the way this video was uploaded on my 34th birthday.

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