How To Grow Tomatoes on a Trellis

Kenny Point demonstrates how to grow tomatoes vertically on a trellis instead of using cages. View Kenny’s Blog: Follow Kenny on Twitter

25 Responses to “How To Grow Tomatoes on a Trellis”

  • auralcommune says:

    Thanks for the help, I already have the supplies on hand and I’ll be building this trellis system tomorow. And keeping an eye on those suckers!

  • charles43110 says:

    TUBE filled with mass production vids – but “home” vids for 2 to 4 plants in a small space mostly lame.. No cone OVER a plant-sturdy 7 foot in air stake & plant tomato start next it – triangle of 3 with cone in center-Circle 3 with wire fence, prune & run- wire higher up stakes-ez-low cost

  • mindyvoss says:

    How did this work? I am needing to get something built, and this seems to make the most sense to me. I will need to buy the clips, I have everything else.
    GREAT garden!!

  • MrKdeze says:

    what about when they start growing really wide? i have a sweet 100 variety and it is growing super wide and start to hang to the ground :(
    -kdz happy growing

  • blueapsara says:

    thanks for the tip. i didn’t know to take the suckers off.

  • Cossack7357 says:

    Brilliant…….simple and great someone such as myself that has the room. I cannot wait to get my Mortgage lifter and Black Krim heirlooms started.

  • mormonslayer71 says:

    God bless you, awesome idea. I life in a very windy part of Utah and the wind just blows those cages away no matter how I stake em..

  • tomintroy says:

    Nice vid, You know your stuff but I believe the remove sucker rumor to be a myth. Ive grown tomatoes for 40 years and never remove suckers. In my view, each leave is a sugar producing factory that produces energy for the fruit of the plant. After Google this I seem to have great company but I haven’t found a definitive study that can give this idea the definitive boot.

  • Itsjustbeau says:

    Good Idea dude I might try it this year.

  • Itsjustbeau says:

    Good idea dude very simple I might try this.

  • NateKhat24 says:

    best way to support plants. dont use metal cages or the wooden frame system, this way right here is easiest and somethin easier for the eyes. plz take the other vids off youtube i wasted to much time when this is the best way to go lol . tryin to grow tomatoes for my moms salsa recipe btw

  • ddd3240 says:

    Excellent vid. I have been doing this for a long time except I dont use wire, I use bailing twine or thick cotton string. Nylon string is stronger but doesnt composte at the end of the season. Thanks

  • blkchk says:

    Now this is a simple and great idea. I’m doing this in my garden this weekend! Thanks

  • blkchk says:

    I shared this at a workshop on gardening I did…people loved it!

  • Teddybearcop48 says:

    Did you leave the post in the ground and continue putting your tomatoes in the same place each year ? I have always had the same problem as you ,tomatoes growing too tall. I even tried cutting the tops off ..but that is not a good idea… thanks for the video…

  • gesosorey says:

    like the system but im not a big fan of the clips. string or something flexible seems better.

  • TnWormsCastings says:

    this is a great idea i have a big medal clothes line and i tried a trellis to it and it worked wonderful

  • hemet92544 says:

    why not put Welded Wire fence from one end to the other? can get six foot tall rolls. set it up in a few hours and your done with it, just tie off vines as they grow up. good luck Kenny

  • cowboystew says:

    I’m trying this system this year, and I’m having mixed results. The tomatoes are healthy and growing great, but what I thought looked like tomato worm damage is actually birds using the wires as a perch to feast on the plants as well as any tomato fruit within their reach. I’ve tried tying foil pie tins to the post which move and make noise in the breeze, but the birds are still feasting. The tomatoes are just beginning to ripen and I don’t want to share with the birds! Any suggestions?

  • MustakasDVM says:

    get a cat!!!

  • magprob says:

    I use metal posts and chicken wire. I can stagger the main fruiting stems in each direction. I have to. I have some tomatoes from Bulgaria that grow over 7 feet tall! They are succulant.

  • dinosaurbooks says:

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  • CarolinaCountry252 says:

    great video

  • seocom says:

    Great idea thanks

  • SuperMeatsause says:

    what will happen if you put two tomato plants on the same cone-shaped trellis, and what if they are different types of tomatos?

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