How To Grow the Perfect Tomatoes | Avant Garden wants to show you how easy it is to grow tomatoes! If you grow tomatoes in your garden, you will love this kit! The versatile Stake It Easy™ supports your vine plants while Safer® Brand’s Tomato & Vegetable Insect Killer controls insects trying to attack your tomatoes – The Organic Way! The patent pending design of Stake It Easy™ grows taller (up to 6′) and wider as your plant grows supporting each growing branch. To assemble, just snap together. Then adjust the height and width as the plant grows. Plus the EZ Step™ Stake Anchors penetrate even hard ground so it’s easy to install, even late in the season. This versatile system can be used with tomato plants or ther vine plants that need support. The Safer® Brand Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer combines pyrethrins and potassium salts of fatty acids to kill on contact but does not harm your plants! The pyrethrins attack the insect’s nervous system and potassium salts weaken the insect’s protective outer shell, adding up to a lethal insect killing combination! It targets and kills aphids, asparagus beetles, bean beetles, cabbage loopers, caterpillars, Colorado potato beetles, cucumber beetles, diamond-backed moth, flea beetles, imported cabbage worms, leaf hoppers, plant bugs, tomato hornworm control and whiteflies. The ability to use this product on tomatoes and a wide array of other vegetables offers the most economical and convenient solution to garden annoyances available on the

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  • HDTView says:

    very good. thanks

  • FloridaMonty says:

    The tomato is a fruit….not a vegetable.

  • itsjustdeb579 says:

    Only in biology. In every other sense of the tomato it is widely accepted as a veggie.

  • unapologeticsouth says:

    tomato lovers visit doublehelixfarmsDOTcom a friend of mine started this site and can answer about any tomato or gardening question and can provide seeds

  • greatkeyboardwarrior says:

    i hate this bitch

  • bosatsu76 says:

    Tomatoes… Everybody has an opinion. Go to one site and they say one thing, go to another and they say never do that. I read Charles Wilber’s book ‘How to grow world record tomatoes’ The picture on the front is of him standing 8 feet up on a step ladder with the top of his tomato plant 4 ft above his head. That’s like a 17 ft tall tomato plant. I think I’ll stick with his method, thank you. The key in Seattle is heat. Start inside in Feb, plant in late March and cloche for 6 weeks.

  • DarkTheShinyUmbreon says:

    Considerbly any thing with seeds are fruits, so alot of vegetables are actualy fruits but herbs and lettuce are not

  • AuburnCreed says:

    You don’t have to wait until tomatoes are ripe on the vine. Once the fruit starts to turn color – just touch of pink or orange, the plant is no longer providing nutrients to the tomato. There is a layer of cells in the stem that die. So to save your tomatoes from pests, harvest them once they turn color and let them ripen indoors.


    Indeterminate FTW

  • cpepe223 says:

    this is one of the best gardening instructional videos I have ever seen,
    nice work!

  • rjwintl says:

    what kind of fertilizer did you use ??

  • royganang says:

    very good one!!!

  • alan30189 says:

    You say never to use string when tying up tomatoes, but your video shows the guy using string!! LOL
    I use cut up cloth.

  • Ahsav26 says:

    hehe…crotch joints

  • ladyincamo says:

    we do not stake our tomatos…. we put down either wheat straw or just rake up pine needles and put them down all around the plants… this keeps the weeds out. the tomatos always overproduce themselves. i havent staked a tomato plant in over 10 years, and probably will never again.

  • stymye says:

    I have experienced more excitement watching a stewardess explain the safety procedures and exit options on board an aircraft … …do you in any way understand that the beauty of youtube is the ability to interact with your viewers … this kind of “commercial approach to making a video” sucks ass…

  • plastique45 says:

    I buy my tomatoes and party the rest of the time.

  • therogoganon says:

    use hemp twine. At your local hydroponic store

  • chickenosm says:

    correction. They are a berry

  • FloridaMonty says:

    A berry is a subset of fruit thereby it’s a fruit….we’re splitting hairs though!

  • sprtman says:

    Thanks great – informative video.

  • netsecur2 says:

    the video says not to use twine

  • MetaView7 says:

    Most informative video I watched so far.

  • gunsfishand4x4 says:

    love the channel

  • OldmillsAD1010 says:

    Fruit/Veg? The test is do you put it in the fruit bowl or the vegetable rack, then that is what it is.

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