1. ya know you dont have to use the whole potato .. right ?

  2. can you use that yield somehow to sow for next years crop? If so, how do you store them without going off? cheers

  3. Enjoyed your video ! Cheers from Mississippi !

  4. Do potatoes need a certain environment to grow. I live in CA but do not have a yard. I have a balcony with our apt and am considering growing some veggies and/or fruits. Any advice?

  5. A balcony should be fine as long as it gets a reasonable amount of light and you water the bag regularly

  6. It really works! I live in Aberdeen and use heavy duty plastic sacks with small draining holes on the base against a south facing wall and plantede early, second early and late potatoes. The yield was reasonable. By the way, when you have harvested the potatoes you can let the compost dry out , store it and then use it the following year after you add some fertiliser.

  7. hahahaha why the fuck was this in my recomended videos??

  8. Very nice….

  9. did you chit your potatoes before planting them? If so, how long do you leave them before planting

  10. @stanleywf3 Yes, we always chit them. Length of time varies, typically a month however

  11. I like your grow bags. they look very steady
    how many times can you use them
    and where did you buy those grow bags
    thanks for sharing

  12. This may seem a daft question, but instead of putting a few inches of compost in the bag when the shoots appear, why not just fill it to the top in the first place?

  13. they look like council recycling bags. your council normally provides them free. i’m currently filling mine with waste and soil which is on the turn to good compost

  14. @ 1mactavish2
    Because the shoots wouldn’t grow that far up and the plant would die

  15. I have 6 bags of potatoes happily growing – thanks to your tutorial. My question is: the plants are growing at different rates in the same bag – do I wait for the smallest one to be large enough to add more compost or just bury it when I add compost to the height of the tallest one? Thanks for the great video!

  16. @erinlaver You should be okay to bury smaller shoots when the larger ones are ready. As long as the smaller ones are growing, they should be fine.

  17. Thank you – I will bury the little ones. You’re videos and blog is influencing my garden in Brantford Ontario, Canada.

  18. I’m a late-comer to this great vid. Good job all around. I plan to try that next year using a stack of old tires.
    Hint: Planting potato eyes, rather than the whole potato, will yield larger potatoes.


  19. do u use the potatoes from the grocery store?

  20. She is so positive.

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  22. @jonathanwallace nice video put can u use the soil again after u haverst the potatos

  23. @kokosam1959 Yes, you can reuse the soil. We put it onto one of the beds on our allotment. A couple of times previously we have put the soil/compost back into the bag and used it to grow radishes.

  24. @jonathanwallace thanks 4 that u girl she so happy take care family the best think

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