How To Grow Potatoes : How to Hill Potatoes

Learn how to hill potatoes in this free video on home gardening. Expert: Doug Smiddy Bio: Doug Smiddy has had an active interest in gardening as long has he can remember. Filmmaker: Dale Fitzgerald

25 Responses to “How To Grow Potatoes : How to Hill Potatoes”

  • VTwanderer says:

    Its like he went out as far into the field he could and randomly grew one potato plant, haha. No wonder its dieing, he’s too far away from the Barn. I really wanna Slap this guy.

  • TheBradyoHead says:

    lol nice potato you have

  • nampita says:

    this guy in one day has plant, and harvest the potatoes .check he’s videos ,same place same grass,same plants ,even same T-shirt :))
    the Plant is dieing because has ben remove from another place,and hand planted there.and wend you cover with earth the plants ,this most be smaller ,and sometimes you can do it 2-3 times due to rain damage.and many ,many more.

  • MissJuliaDale says:

    Thanks Mate!!

  • powerspade says:

    that spud look dead

  • zcg3 says:

    French Fry heaven…

  • risflo1 says:

    Ignore all the bad mouthing, you helped me and my missus… thank you, keep up the good work

  • palui says:

    OMG. Typical Expert Village junk. Couldn’t they do a real harvest with a real plant at harvest time? That was pathetic.

  • TheBabyboomkidof53 says:

    I learned alot from watching your videos on growing potatoes. I’ll dig a trench tomarrow and try your methods. thanks.

  • AaronWonders says:

    wow. even in gardening information on youtube, there’s still assholes whining and complaining. if you grow them differently, thats great. make your own vid. obviously the guy’s gonna remove a plant from one spot and bring it to the video dig site OUT OF CONSIDERATION FOR YOU and setting the scene so there’s as little misunderstanding as possible. thats obviously why the plants health looks questionable. a lot of plants start to look poorly pretty quick-like when removed from the ground! jeesh

  • AdwordsIncome says:

    Thank you for saying it like it is.

  • AaronWonders says:

    hes saying “in a couple of weeks” after the plant has grown to what you see him using currently in the vid

  • oodle97 says:

    i prefer taking my hoe hard and rough….

  • cardforyou123 says:

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    dont include () these in

  • TheJuliusMalema says:

    I want his shirt.

  • whathappensLIVE says:

    thats why nobody lends you their hoes

  • PlayingDead567 says:

    Isn’t cold in Jamaica in december? My friend has been there a good amount of times. But he never told me the climate….

  • TheMidwestsk8ter says:

    But will it blend?

  • klassklassklass says:

    Did you record this with a…….nah, I can’t say it

  • MuandLe says:

    great videos just wish its was one video instead of a series

  • BrianStocking says:

    That plant looks sick. I’m going to look elsewhere for advice.

  • KCCatlover says:

    You’re right! That’s one sad looking potato! Didn’t he ever water it? And i thought you were supposed to hill until just a little green was showing. Your comments helped more. Thanks.

  • phatman808 says:

    How to grow youtube video recorders.

  • 93CobraKid says:

    that’s a big hoe…

  • Alec Smith says:

    hate you

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