How To Grow Potatoes : How to Dig a Trench for Potato Planting

Learn how to dig a trench for planting potatoes in this free video on home gardening. Expert: Doug Smiddy Bio: Doug Smiddy has had an active interest in gardening as long has he can remember. Filmmaker: Dale Fitzgerald

21 Responses to “How To Grow Potatoes : How to Dig a Trench for Potato Planting”

  • DragonovSVD says:

    and for you people with bad backs or rocky ground you can grow spuds in old car tires or trash cans above the ground so you dont have to dig anymore.
    need more details please reply back

  • DragonovSVD says:

    i was raised in the everglades by a new jersey farmer (my pop). we had low ground (swamp) that floods after monsoon season so we raised our crops above ground in old car tires filled with real swamp top soil that fed 4 of us very well for 5 yr then moved to cleveland.
    at the market grab a bag of yer fav spuds toss em uner sink now till the eyes sprout then cut round ea. eye w/ large sprouts plant on ground add tire soil H2O sun after 6in hi add more soil another tire ect.
    harvest tip over eat!

  • his2re says:

    how do you use the trash cans?

  • AnnieNM06 says:

    why would you want to dig a ditch to grow potatos when its so much easier to just get some hardware cloth or whatever, and make a circle and throw some compost and potatos into it.

  • AnnieNM06 says:

    put twelve inches of topsoil/compost into the trash can, throw in some potatos sprouts, then throw in another six inches of soil. When you see green potato plants sticking above the soil then add more and repeat till you get to the top of the container.
    its a good idea to add old coffee grounds to your soil mix to help the potatoes live long enough to make really nice big taters

  • BrianKasey69 says:

    The shovel is not the tool for digging this trench. There was a special tool designed for this which is called a loy. There is not as much work involved in doin this job if you were using a loy

  • astrialkil says:

    12 inches is way too much , as potatoes grow from the sprout up not down from the potato!
    U have to put holes in the bottom of the garbage can for drainage, potatoes don’t like wet feet!
    Put 3 inches of gravel in the bottom of garbage can for better drainage. add 2 inches soil then potatoes then 6 inches soil.
    When plants get 4 inches tall cover the bottom set of leaves with compost , the limbs become new roots and form potatoes, keep burring the bottom leaves every time the plants get 4 inch

  • eightmeg says:

    Mr., I don’t care how many times you say it – digging a trench is NOT EASY!

  • MyGrassroots says:

    IWhat if it rains and the trench floods. Can potatoes withstand being soaked for long periods?

  • VTwanderer says:

    This guys a city slicker, he didnt Till up any of that soil around it, its all solid Sod. Haha Schmiddy of Schmiddy garden services.

  • enirellav says:

    booooo to commercials

  • teejay32400 says:

    what time of the year do you plant the potatoes?

  • SimonTalksWHO says:

    around about now.

  • Jonathonten10 says:

    Can we plant  potatoes in july?

  • oarfrost says:

    “This guys a city slicker, he didnt Till up any of that soil around it, its all solid Sod.”
    Possibly, but as the potatoes grow they will break up the sod so that the soil will be easier to work later on.

  • 1krr says:

    17 one minute videos, unnumbered on how to plant potatoes………………

  • LindySez says:

    Really, couldn’t you just do one video with all the info so we don’t have to listen to the same old same old at the beginning of each one?

  • blastwavedave1 says:

    Yes you can. Plant by mid July and you will miss the potato beetle infestation and your harvest will not be affected by the later planting date. This is about the best organic method for overcoming the potato beetle and getting a great harvest!

  • blastwavedave1 says:

    Bear in mind that potatoes prefer cooler weather, plant in May or Jun for an early crop or plant later for when plants will size up in cooler fall weather. I am in the north (Ottawa, Canada), planting dates must move depending on where you live.

  • mrobins313 says:

    This is honestly a horrible method for growing and especially harvesting potatoes. Potato tubers tend to grow straight down in the soil, so by digging a trench it only makes the potatoes more difficult to harvest. I tried this method on half a row of potatoes, the plants were sickly, and hardly put on any potatoes. The other half of the row was done in the traditional hill method and the potatoes were awesome! Not to mention, they were a heck of a lot easier to get to in the hill.

  • inhibited44 says:

    I think I will use a variation of your method. Build a raised bed which opens to harvest a crop, place the raised bed on the soil. I will place the potatoes at the bottom of the raised bed and lightly cover them with soil. I will add soil as the plants mature. When the plants die, I open the latches on the bed , the soil spills out and I make a mess searching for the harvest potatoes. Thank you.

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