How to Create & Manage an Organic Garden : Starting an Indoor Organic Garden

Indoor organic gardens can be a great hobby.Learn more in this free educational video series. Expert: Steve Contact: Bio: Steve is the owner of Sol Organics and Hydroponics in San Antonio, Texas, which as been open since 2001. His knowledge comes from years of practice. He was also a student of Future Farmers of America. Filmmaker: julio costilla


  1. thank you, very useful advise !

  2. Thank you! Now, where’s our spring weather? 🙂

  3. talk about NERVOUS… dude, it’s just a short clip about organic gardening, not Miss America

  4. its not that bad
    probably didnt smoke before the interview 🙂

  5. Really informative video on lighting, air. There has been so much rain here, I hope my garden doesn’t drown!

  6. See the trailer to a new film on natural health foodmatters[dot]tv

  7. Do you know how much electricity is wasted, this is exotic but not green at all. Grow plants using Sun. Save earth…..

  8. legalize weed so we dont have to grow it indoor…..

  9. use solar panels to power lamps=no electric bill

  10. Being able to grow your own organic garden is such a blessing. Indoors does work with a bit of effort.

  11. There’s no sun anymore.

  12. if you take away the name of it its just another plant or herb. they are so corrupt. Look at all the bombs & missiles the government have yet a plant is bad to them.. THey dont want something that promotes peace. only a corrupt bunch of rulers would claim they have the right to steal the worlds natural resources and be dumb enough to think they own it and make everybody else slave away for it. Everything they do is provided by nature. all technology is a product fo nature

  13. you can use everything he said to grow weed

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  15. @liamsdad33 ha yeah i wish it was that easy lets dish out 3000 dollars for a solar panel to not have to pay 20 bucks a month for elec bills. maybe in the future but its not worth it right now

  16. @growingguidance well its alot cheaper to build them your self now the batteries will get you everytime but why buy when you can make

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