How to Compost : Learn Organic Garden Composting Online : Choosing a Compost Bin

What features should you look for when buying or making a compost bin? Find out and get tips on how compost bin design can help to aerate compost for your garden, in this free organic gardening video. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes her own organic compost or “gardener’s black gold.”

25 Responses to “How to Compost : Learn Organic Garden Composting Online : Choosing a Compost Bin”

  • elmoslanz says:

    i have tried a couple of compost bins. To be honest i have gotten the best results just making a pile and leaving it, turning it every couple of weeks. Two drawbacks in my opinion of bins is air circulation and creating a barrier for insects to enter. i had a black compost bin which from what i read was a popular model. The contents never got hot. This baffled me for a long time then i decided to just make a pile in a sunny area. after a good rain it gets piping hot.

  • jumpdance24 says:

    Mixture of materials to put in bin, it needs air. it needs to be kept warm, it needs turning every week ideally. new materials as often as possible. Pee on it often. (I jest not) With a rotating bin it is possible to make good compost in 8 weeks.

  • TheBrassHole says:

    The best compost bin is on the open ground.

  • LaminatedGardenGuide says:

    It is vital that no matter what the compost bin or style you feel is right for you, it is properly aerated and has a hole large enough for you to get your compost out of. In addition, your bin should be something that is convenient for you something that you can get to and from easily, and that will be practical for all of your gardening needs.

  • GreenDrThumbz says:

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  • ytvman says:

    ya because u can move it around easier and stuff lol

  • TheBrassHole says:


  • MasterOutdoors says:

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  • WindEnergy7 says:

    We started gardening last year and I am looking to start composting next.

    After installing a 4.2kW rooftop wind turbine system that’s worth looking at if anyone is interested. I posted that to look at. So, next we are going to start composting and using that in the garden. I like the bin.

  • govindas999 says:

    psle check subhash palekar on google and get all secrets of natural farming,thanks to cow dung and urine…..
    iscowpmauritius dt co cc

  • TreeOfTheSingingWind says:

    Composting is an essential action in reducing our carbon footprint and its so good for the garden

  • Lawknee says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg! I hate this new style YouTube has now. grrrrrr…very annoying when trying to read the page

  • werewolffangs says:

    looks like a pretty good design, could you get your husband to send blueprints or something?

  • Praxxus55712 says:

    How could you not love her hat? LMAO!

  • envirosponsible says:

    Great video.

  • powerspade says:

    If you want to make good compost Pee on the heap, Urine is a very good activator. It animal urine mixed with straw that make animal manure so good

  • Allen2045 says:

    Im on my 2nd batch of compost. Just added a 3rd trash can.

  • trezf1 says:

    This is a good design, for a bin. I had a stationary bin but it was too difficult for me to turn the heavy materials. I agree that large capacity is necessary for quick or hot composting. I love my compostumbler. It’s bigger than the other bins and tumblers out there and it’s really easy to turn – even for my Dad who’s 69. He’s made 6 batches of compost in his compostumbler since he bought one 6 months ago!

  • GardenComposters says:

    Its a great bin for the serious com-poster that has the space we like the smaller plastic ones they are easier to maintain and more suited to smaller lots I have reviewed alot of com-posters but I must say I like what you are doing here

  • GardenComposters says:

    Like the video thanks

  • KOFsMaCK says:

    She doesn’t sound like the sharpest tool in the shed, but she looks like she grew some pretty big organic melons under that shirt.

  • jnixongo00 says:

    @KOFsMaCK funny guy

  • Luchito316 says:

    Nice job today is my first day on my Organic garden! Oleeeeeeeeeeee!

  • tradward says:

    i went and bought a 240 litre wheelie bin which i drilled large holes into. every time i mow the lawn the bin gets filled to the brim with fresh clippings. I add a handful of lime, a garbage bag full of shredded paper from the office and a bucket of wood ashes from the fire now it’s winter. I let it cook for a week then i turn it with a spiral compost aerator and add cow manure tea and half a bucket of compost from an older pile then turn it again and about twice a week thereafter. FYI :)

  • FanaGamingTical says:

    I would recommend investing in a compost tumbler if you are really interested in composting, specifically the Envirocycle Composter, due to the fact that it is small in size, easy to turn , and affordable!

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