How to Amend the Soil in Your Organic Garden

John from has a special guest in his garden to share how you can blend your own soil amendments you can use to amend your clay soil, sandy soil or even your…


  1. Hi John, love this one. Is bio char the same as potash. Can i use my ash
    from my wood stove?

  2. real talk! thanks for the video guys. loved it all. shout out to all young
    farmers. i’m 22 and have a 100 sq ft garden in my standard sized backyard.
    learned so much from watching john over the years.

  3. Hi John, my name is Desiraé and I just wanted to say thanks for your show!
    After my operation to remove a nasty and large spinal tumor 6 months ago,
    which basically swept my career right out from under me before I could even
    get started – hell, it even took the “honeymoon”stage right out of my newly
    wedded existance – I felt like my life was out of control and I couldn’t
    understand how my health turned so sour. I was a vegetarian, I ate organic
    produce… but it wasn’t enough and you gave me the courage to own up to
    that fact and face it! If I want the nutrients that my body needs to defend
    itself, I would have to grow it my damn self! Any who, I was angry and
    bitter and then I saw you and your show and I became hopeful and felt
    empowered. I’m starting a patio garden complete with all the kales,
    lettuces, and herbs I can squeeze in there on the railing, walls and floor.
    It’s not much, but me and my husband are gonna have fun growing our own
    food thanks to you! 

  4. Passion with a capital P! I love how much you both put your hearts into
    teaching those of us who are on here to learn. I learn something new every
    time I watch one of your Videos. Thank you for fighting a good fight for
    all of us and for leading us back to the way that our food should be grown,
    Natural and Organic!! Good on Ya’ Both!

  5. You both are awesome and so inspirational Thank you for this!!!!

  6. I love the idea of community composting and worm farms. More rants! Down
    with big M!

  7. Hi guys love the videos but I would like to see you make the tee .brake
    down the prestige .I know the tee is 1 cup but what is every thing eels
    .test.tbs.half cup? Thanks

  8. Amen JOSH!!! Yes! We are here and thank you for being our voices…. John
    we LOVE you but please don’t hold back on being direct about GMO issues.
    You have the reach to get the word out and that is essential. While I do
    understand your hesitancy as it can get ugly real quick for creating waves,
    BUT your passion and love for gardening will shine no matter what!!!! I’m
    not suggesting you start ranting daily about “M” issues but don’t dance
    around them either…. The world needs to know and as odd as it sounds
    there are still millions that have no idea what a GM seed is. You are my
    hero and I turn on youtube now everyday before anything else just to get my
    gardening juices rolling because as a newbie I am hungry as hell for all
    the tips and tricks you share. Living in central Florida I am having a ruff
    time but trust this…. I HATE GMOs, Mondanto, Dow, Segenta, Beyer, Scott’s
    and many others and I will NEVER EVER stop trying to grow my greens! Thank
    You for all you do!!!! You both are amazing…. (Yes, Josh you just
    elevated to hero status in my book too!!) God bless you both! If you guys
    ever make it to Central Florida area. .. I have a garden that needs some

  9. Chicken manure is NOT a low quality “filler”. It is a viable, rich and
    insanely beneficial ingredient. I enjoy seeing and hearing alternatives
    (Boogie Brew) but it turns negative when someone refers to something as
    “low quality filler” when it clearly is not.

  10. Hey! J+J taking the time to speak out about “M” you guys are exactly what’s
    needed to save peoples health. It will take hold someday and local products
    will return. Meanwile these GYG videos are awesome, helpful, educational ..

  11. Thanks John & Josh for all that you do. Just want to share my quick
    story… About 4 years back I wanted to grow a good tasting tomato. Ray at
    Praxxus 66712 got me started with seeds and he lead me to your channels.
    This year I transplanted 4ft tall tomatoes because they grew way faster
    than the past. I’m eating total plant base with my new juicer from you
    Don’t worry about the monster “M” because no company lasts if people don’t
    buy their products. enough said on that. But, the most precious compliment
    was a neighbor’s 8 year old daughter came to see my garden. I had her pull
    a carrot right out of the ground wash it off and watched her eat it. The
    smile on her face had to be divine intervention and I swear you could see
    her body come alive with goodness. Now that is a happiness everyone should
    experience!. Thanks again for all your inspirations. 

  12. Great guest, John! Josh should really consider having his own show. 

  13. I’m totally on board with learning how to grow my own everything, but I
    don’t really get the obsession with Company M. BP is the worst corporation
    in the world, but if you hate M, why no rants about Dupont?

  14. I just topped off my beds last week. Used peat moss, vermiculite, homemade
    compost, homemade worm castings (made with shrimp shell, kelp meal,
    homemade compost, leaf mold, etc.), cow manure compost, mushroom compost,
    cotton burr compost,Gaia Green Glacial rock dust, and rabbit manure. During
    the summer I’ll water with Boogie Brew AACT and fertilize with Pure Protein
    fish powder. This is super soil! Seriously, everything grows HUGE.

  15. Hello John!
    I’ve been watching you for years now. I even have some of your seeds
    sprouting right now.
    This is the first time I felt compelled to post a comment.
    I am so glad you let Josh rant a bit.
    Everyone needs to stop supporting Monsanto.
    I just wanted to add that a lot of retirement investments are contributing
    to Monsanto. It is a really good idea to take a good look at your
    investments and where your money is going.
    We need to support the people that care about the planet.
    Love your show!!!! I was sick too when I found you on you tube. Thank you
    so much for all that you do!
    Best wishes,

  16. I’m all for the boggie brew and people like them, haven’t ever used their
    products. However, anyone that has no trade secrets to me is a great person
    and company. I my self have been mixing my own ingredients this last year
    and experimenting with different feeding styles to add to your microbe
    base. surprisingly one of the most active batches i have ever made was a
    batch i threw some coconut water in. Man did that stuff go crazy and smell
    amazing. When i put it on my veggies too they exploded!

    Man at the end there that was real talk!

  17. LOVE! THIS!!

  18. Grow the love peeps too! If we are all a bunch of know-it-alls, that are
    cynically inclined, then gardening will never change the world. Grow love
    first. Grow food second. 

  19. I started a Community Garden at my Fire Station and I cant believe the
    positive feedback from the community my fellow firefighters and even the
    mayor of my city. Thanks to John for inspiring me! and everyone should
    grow on!

  20. I love the old Boogie and I can not wait for this season to start so I can
    give the new Boogie Pro a try. Come on Spring
    Josh, I’m trying to start a Boogie Brew/Organic movement in Western New
    York so you keep on mixing. Thanks to you John and your videos.

  21. Josh is a cool cat. I hope to see his vision come true. Thanks for all you

  22. Great video John and Josh! John, we have to work on soil particle size
    bud.. you are making really “cakey” soil.. need to break it up a bit.. get
    the “fluff” going so the roots can do their thing a bit more.

    Went out into BYF today and was able to stiffen my hand and shove my hand
    into the soil up to my wrist (or a lil past).. it is STILL SERIOUSLY fluffy
    from last year, even after a full grow season and winter. I am betting you
    don’t have that in your beds bud 🙂 Gotta get it 😉 I am sure your plants
    will do backflips when you do!

  23. great video! I sympathize with the sentiments about M for Monsanto. The
    scourge of Sauget, Illinois. Toxic chemical manufacturer and dumper for
    decades… I have been caught up in studying microbiology and reading what
    I can on the subject. I believe that compost tea may be the right resource
    to improve the biological profile of dirt and balance the populations of
    bad organisms and begin making soil once more. Dr. Elaine Ingham and Jeff
    Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis, along with my hero Fukuoka-son, or Masanobu
    Fukuoka of “One Straw Revolution” fame. this triumvirate of people hold
    the keys to our success in reclaiming our agriculture and rebuilding and
    purifying our soils. The farming and grazing interests are already
    employing methods of cover cropping to keep soil covered year round that
    were refined at the Rodale Institute. these methods go head to head with
    chemical farming and yield higher profits per acre. the costs without
    chemicals are lower.

    thanks again

  24. Thumbs up for a Josh rant video! More Josh. Thanks for good episode Kohler.

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