Harvesting Potatoes Grown in Plastic Bags

www.container-gardening-for-food.com is my official gardening website. July 15th – As part of my challenge to grow as much food as possible from a tiny patio garden, I decided to grow potatoes in discarded compost bags. Here are the results for the “Rocket” potatoes I planted back in March. .

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  1. Informative 😀

  2. did you potato’s flower?

  3. @niffer58 no, just went yellow and died off.

  4. great one rick … i love watching your gardening vids ….. helps get some ideas…. ^_^
    thankyou and keep up the good work woop woop lol

  5. hey … me again lol do you know … when to pull carots up coz ive got loads growing but i dont know when to havest them and spring onions and beetroot lol
    help please ^_^

  6. Now, why didn’t I think of that? thanks so much.

  7. Nice try though Rick, your gardens looking like a right utopia now!

  8. Haha flying slug!

  9. normally potatoes need loads of nutrients,
    i have 22 acres and they are sprayed every week, afterwards they are sprayed with a chemical and all the plants and flowers go,

    they have a very good yield and up north we have had no rain what so ever until this week when it has been non stop , we managed to bog a tractor!

  10. like the music at the beginning! Your garden is looking great… I did start all this with my garden but then had a major rat problem which ruined everything I planted… turned out someone down the road left their pond to go stagnant and the fish all died which enticed loads of rats.

  11. Hey Rick.

    Love the T shirt. Keep your inspiring vids coming.

  12. i got hit in the head by a flying slug the other day, now i know where it came from!! =}

  13. looked pretty good to me 🙂

  14. Hi rick
    It may be a small crop,but big things can grow from small beginnings!

  15. Save the small spuds and plant them next year !

  16. It looks like a decent haul to me especially for it being your first time. Imagine how well you will do next year. 🙂 I love the shirt. #LOL

  17. Growing otatoes in a compost bag is hard, and yes, they do need a lot of water at the bottom too. That is one of the things that people have found out over the past 2 years. Potatoes do the same thing in huge plastic planters too. Thought you would like to know. We all learn as we go along. I always wanted to do plant potatoes too, and I just read about others trying them for the past 2 years, and water was the answer. That, or too much. Good luck with your next ones.

  18. Tom’s are coming along nicely @rickvanman

  19. haha loved the sentence at th back of your shirt 🙂

  20. Mine are about ready as well. : )

  21. Next time, kill the fucking slug rather than toss in your neighbour’s yard. LMAO.

  22. Brilliant t-shirt mate!

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