Growing Wild Jungle Peanuts, Vegetables & More in a South Florida Backyard Garden

John from goes on a field trip to a viewers home to see what’s growing on. In this episode you will learn the easiest things you can possibly grow in South Florida if you have a edible vegetable garden. You will specifically learn about wild jungle peanuts, some perennial tropical crops that can grow year-round in Florida as well as how easy you can propogate mulberry/fig tree cuttings and so much more.


  1. Another great video!

  2. As usually John, I love your videos. They are great.

  3. Thanks Rene and John really enjoyed this video since I live in Hawaii and lots of the plants look like the would do well here. Hoping I can find a source for the katook plant. Is there another name for it and is seed available?

  4. I first learned of katook in Hawaii. I know it is being grown on Big Island and On Maui. What island are you on?

  5. I think if you dropped a pencil on the ground in Florida and left it alone it old tu

  6. It would turn into a tree

  7. I hope you don’t plan on moving to Florida because that place looks awesome and much better place to grow food, I would miss all the advice for growing here in nor-cal. I’m feel so lucky to have one of the most popular and talented organic gardeners living in my area. Thanks for all you do john!

  8. My mulberries were very expensive. My dwarf everbearing similar to hers was $60 my white was $40 and my other dwarf semi everbearing was $50. I save tons of branches ever year and plant them. You need a male to pollinate for seed so many times mulberry fruits are just fruit and no seed. If you do plant the seed your seed may be all males and produce no fruit. It takes a long time to find out. Cuttings are the best way.

  9. I’ve never tried the jamaican passiflora, but I am growing passiflora edulis. What are the differences in taste between the jamaican passionflower versus passiflora edulis?

  10. another good advantage of the peanuts is that the dead plants are rich in nitrogen, it enriches your soil

  11. She’s got an amazing variety of plants on her property! I love it! 🙂

  12. I have never seen Okinawan spinach. A good looking and eating plant.

  13. I seems Fla has been a treasure trove for you. Those Seminole pumpkins, and jungle peanuts. I am really enjoying this Fla series.

  14. Great video John. Really enjoyed watching it.

  15. lol… John is like YUM Im going to eat all this stuff…

  16. Hi John, I live on Oahu…I did since watch your video on you growing it hydroponically from a cutting from Hawaii. Would appreciate if you know where I can get it! Btw, I subscribe to all 3 of your channels and especially like your excursions! Hope you’ll come to Hawaii and do some videos here!

  17. I usuallly get to Hawaii once a year. My mom was born there, and I have family there. This place on Oahu should have Katook. It also goes by the name Pak Wan in Hawaii – Frankie’s Nursery 41-999 Mahiku Place, Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795 (808)259-8737

  18. Plants excite ME!! As does food – and growing food! SUPERB Rene and John! Speaking of exciting, this video is immensely so. I was familiar w/jungle peanuts – but not with growing them. What an amazing bounty of tree fruit. And so many unfamiliar and interesting food plants/trees – or informative mentions about previously familiar ones. Rene, thank you for your and A’s vision and choices here. Perpetually amazed by how few people STILL forego growing food despite having yards.

  19. Ooops! How MANY people still forego growing food…

  20. Mooringa is known as Drumstick in India and is one of our favorite vegetables. Its used in a variety of curries and the leaves are also used in a variety of dishes. Nice garden Rene and thanks John for presenting this. Keep up the good work.

  21. Great vid John & Renee thanks

  22. Thxs so much for the vid, John! Can’t wait to have my own yard.. EatWell, Be Well !! 🙂

  23. go go FLA! man do we have tons of bugs I saw them crawling on you guys lol

  24. Thanks John, I am familiar with Frankie’s and have bought plants from him before. I’ll give him a call! When you come to Hawaii do you give talks or demonstrations? Because of you my lawn is slowly transforming into a produce aisle! Great information….keep on educating us!

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