Growing potatoes in containers Part 2

Part 2 Growing potatoes in containers. How to plant and fertilize seed potatoes.

3 Responses to “Growing potatoes in containers Part 2”

  • Mike Cunningham says:
  • Reddy Sweep says:

    I tried containers for the 1st time last yr. not much success. This yr. I’m
    going to follow a proven method I found They seem to have figured out
    the science behind the potato process. I’m going to cut some side holes in
    my containers to let at least one shaw grow out per planted seed potato.
    Then I can cover up the stolons with confidence that I’m getting more sun
    energy to grow potatoes.

  • Rebeca Neely says:

    Great videos Mike. I was looking a good organic fertilizer for my tomato
    plants. I just ordered a bag of tomato tone and cant wait to see what it
    does for my plants! If you recommend it, I trust that it is a good product.
    Thank you!

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