Growing Potatoes: How to Grow: Vegetable Gardening How to grow potatoes. Garden Guru Phil Dudman shows an easy way for growing potatoes.

3 Responses to “Growing Potatoes: How to Grow: Vegetable Gardening”

  • atticus9799 says:

    We are using old tires. We got them for free from the tire center. They have to pay to get rid of the unusable tires, so we helped them lighten their load and we recycled something that isn’t always easy to recycle. Plant one tire then when the spuds come up cover with soil and add another tire! We are planning on doing 4 tall with two tire towers. Great stuff! Thanks!

  • harrisonfivehere says:

    oooo, I need to do that! :) Thanks!

  • maldy74 says:

    Do you mean you do as Phil did, then stack a second tire and COVER the green growth with soil to plant more spuds?? I like the tire idea and just want to understand how to do it. Thanks.

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