Growing Pole Beans Easily in Small Spaces and Yeah… Up Poles! – TRG 2014

A lot of us tend to go for planting bush beans over pole beans. Bush beans can take up more space, produce less and sometimes have more problems. Pole beans are very easy to grow. 8 foot stakes…

22 Responses to “Growing Pole Beans Easily in Small Spaces and Yeah… Up Poles! – TRG 2014”

  • Gary Pilarchik says:

    Just a simple method to add pole beans to your garden. A lot of us go with
    bush beans. I think pole beans are more productive and take up less space.

  • Truckstuff4u says:

    I watch EVERY one of your videos they are very good, well spoken and to the
    point! :-)

  • SantaAnaRoadWildman says:

    At Home Depot/Lowes, etc sometimes if you go to the lumber section you can
    find the stakes cheaper (and taller) than the ones they sell in the garden

  • Courtney McFarland says:

    I so wish I had a yard! Really shows the difference between container
    gardening and in-ground/raised beds. I used the same technique but in a
    large container (as I only have a patio/porch but no yard) and despite
    using compost, organic fertilizer, worm castings, etc, my pole beans didn’t
    do nearly as well, get as big, or produce as much. I have a feeling it has
    to do with how much the roots can spread out and the soil biology. Perhaps

  • 78shamwari says:

    looks good Gary! Enjoy your videos. Do you grow grapes, if so, need help
    with pruning concords.

  • dakotabob10 says:

    I am going to have to try that with the poles next season. Thanks for
    posting Gary and have a great day!

  • Simon L says:

    Nice! Good to know about the stakes too. Gotta try again at homedepot

  • Karl Becker says:

    Thanks for the video and tips. You have a lot of garden to attend to
    there. Must keep you on your toes!

  • dave stumpf says:

    I prefer pole beans too

  • CM Nakagawa says:

    We renovated our closet and I saw your timely video on how to make that
    trellis. I spray painted the wire shelves dark green and it worked well
    for the cucumbers. After, we planted yard-long beans and they are growing
    right up and over them. The bumble bees love the flowers. Thanks for that
    great time/money-saving and good gardening practice tips!

  • The Self Sufficient Life says:

    Yep, I used to have only bush beans to avoid the trouble of setting up a
    trellis but tried the pole beans this year. I’m sold on them.

  • emirca lake says:

    Glad to see your beans growing. This year I had success on my pole and bush
    beans. Last year I tried to grow them too, but found that the beans kept
    rotting away. Turns out, the ground was too cold, and I was burying them
    too deep. This year I have and still am(latest harvest yesterday)
    harvesting from both varieties! I am learning so much about container
    gardening! Thanks! All this on a 4 by 12 ft covered porch in Amsterdam, the
    Keep making us learn how to grow stuff, anywhere, and thanks for the tips
    on overwintering bell peppers.

  • Tim Sheets says:

    My folks always planted bush beans, talk about back breaking!! This is my
    first year at a new place and I have a much larger garden area than I have
    had in the past, so I ventured out trying many new plants and techniques.
    I decided to plant pole beans on a “trellis” made from cattle panels formed
    into a hoop/arch. They have been doing great! I can walk under the arch
    and pick the beans hanging down – VERY EASY! I also planted cucumbers on
    the other side of the arch and carrots, lettuce, and onions inside/under
    the arch. Tried small watermelon and muskmelon as well, but, they didn’t
    climb as well as the pole beans and cucumber. Live and learn. :-)

  • Carroll02 says:

    Thanks.. I’ll try this next year. I thought I was going to have to
    construct something a lot more elaborate. This looks do able.

  • Sheila6325 says:

    Beautiful! I already purchased a few different Pole beans, so I better dig
    them out and look them over and decide for next year. Thank you!

  • Antonio Pachowko says:

    It is funny how we use different terms here in the UK compared to America.
    WE call the bush variety Dwarf French Beans and the Pole Beans, Climbing
    French Beans. We call fava beans broad beans and lima beans butter
    beans. The structure you use to grow the beans with canes, here in the UK
    we call wigwam structure and you can buy attachment to the poles to attach
    the canes. Does this mean that your tomato growing season is coming to an
    end, as this seems a bit early. Generally when is your first frost date
    where you live, as one of my friend is predicting that some parts of
    America will have another severe winter.

  • Janice Upton says:

    And they taste better than bush beans. I love Kentucky Wonders!

  • Gardening With Puppies says:

    Gary, I prefer pole beans, too. I think they are more prolific and you are
    right, they don’t take up near the space as bush beans.

  • Huan Yu says:

    great tip Gary ! gonna try pole beans next year, it is too late for me in
    zone 5 to grow pole beans :( how early can u set out bean plants ?

  • ileana salazar says:

    when is good time to plant bush beans im in se texas

  • Ed Fischer says:

    how deep of soil do I need for pole beans? I have enough lumber left over
    to do a 2×2 box, thanks for the videos they really do help

  • TheSajeffe says:

    Anybody here not yet a member of Gary’s The Rusted Garden facebook page? How will
    it become the premiere facebook gardening page without you???

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