Growing Bananas, Okra, chayote, pumpkins and more in Tropical Hawaii Homestead

John of visits a friend in Hawaii who is sustainably growing his food on his land.

What to do when you figure out you planted too much of something. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at
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  1. i wouldnt waste land on obscure plant like cheyote man ….

  2. This is on Maui

  3. you should visit jon biloon on the big island.

  4. cool, i live in hawaii, is this the big island?

  5. wow that land looks so rich!

  6. @landrace2010 you know I tried that, just got tired of finding people I didn’t know in my garden without knocking on the door first. So now, I do the exact same thing as Donald, plow it under.

  7. @eve2831 … it put lots of good stuff back into the soil………Donald

  8. It looks like that okra made very good organic mulch. That is always a good thing.

  9. @landrace2010 … like I stated earlier, I offered it to several people and no one wanted to pick it, so right now it’s composting in the garden. Wasn’t much else I could do with it……….Donald

  10. when i plant too much of something and i figure out i cant handle it i put an ad in the paper ” free u-pick” i just cant till something in when i know someone can use it

  11. @mitzy1942 … it appears they did, couldn’t tell them apart……..Donald

  12. Donald, were those volunteer peas the Top Pick? Did they come back true? Thanks.

  13. @JoeHell67 … Hey Joe, the problem with giving it away to poor people is everyone I offered it to was too lazy to come pick it. Check out my videos and you’ll find a good recipe on microwaved Okra. It is good……..Donald

  14. Hello Donald,
    Okra is something that we in germany relate as a turkish veggie!
    no fresh Okra in supermarkets but it’s available in cans with oil and diced tomatoes in the turkish food section!

    can’t you give the Okra away for free to poor people? I mean, you have no use for it anyway… so sad to see it getting taking down…

    Do you have some Okra recipes?

    best wishes!
    Joe from Germany

  15. lol, then we gonna have to move there to help you put away some of that good food..keep the videos coming…

  16. @djsunshyne1 … had all I needed and the freezer was full so had to do something with em. lol……….Donald



  18. Fair enough! Wanted to also mention.. Your equipment, shop, garden and grounds are imaculate.. Everything is well taken care of. High praises to you.. It’s a lot of work to keep everything looking in brand new condition. I also love your cooking and canning segments. Blessings Donald to you and your family. 🙂

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