Grow Vegetables in Your Front Yard – Questions and Answers

John from answers questions about growing food in his front yard garden for a magazine called Eternity Watch. In this episode you will learn some tips and tricks and some of Johns views about growing food, food systems and more.


  1. great video, channel and interest you put in this, and yes keep on growing.
    p.s. i love that joke about canada eh

  2. @madeofyucca You make an excellent point. I, however, am an idealist. Let us strive for the best in all things. Your comment was really awesome and respectful. I love that! Exchanges like we have just had are what brings us all closer together. Together we will make the future. I believe that humans are good and we WILL find a solution to this problem.@medeaofyucca your comments strengthened our quest.

  3. Love your videos I’m growing a lot of food including potatoes my danger is the sun burn blisters I get from being out in the sun every year I forget to protect my self it takes one day and I’m done for it

  4. you don’t want your childern to play? i don’t think you meant that, LOL all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. most rual kids i should think know about food production. maybe you could get involved with 4-H. love your vids i’m hopeing to do better with my garden this year, thanks for the info and help.

  5. John should have a tv show or write a book!

  6. I think it’s unrealistic to think that we can continue to support the system we have in place right now. People talk about peak oil but we’re in a time of many resources peaking… phosphates and water are just two others.

  7. Check into the Oakland/Berkeley area. Its Urban.. Think Novella lives down there.. Its a bit “too crowded” or popularion dence for me.. But there are great resources in that area, and even a better “forgiving” climate as it doesnt get too cold..

  8. Are you trying to grow northern veggies? If you live in Miami, grow some tropical edible greens. Such as Katuk or Red Malbar Spinach. Seach my videos where I visit Echo in Fort Myers for some ideas on tropical vegetables you can grow there.

  9. I completely agree with you that the system of food production and dispersal we have in place right now is inherently unsustainable. And many of our resources are peaking.
    But, I think its unlikely we are on the brink of sudden collapse. These systems took time to establish themselves and will likely take time to transition to something else. Personally I think when we try to address this we need to keep in mind two important ecological concepts: diversity and succession.

  10. I live on 1 1/2 acres, It is pure red clay and rock, also i rent 🙁 I have a wine barrel, how many leafy green plants or tomatoes can i put in it? Would it be a good idea to get a bunch of wine barrels?

  11. Love your videos John, Thanks! Hey in San Diego, where can I find the Azomite and Gaia greaans and dried kelp? Can’t locate them here and shipping is a killer as these are heavy as you know. Love your help if you know. I wish I was in Santa Rosa! Thanks John.

  12. I hear one kid tell another that beans are made in a factory than put in a can that they send to a grocery store

  13. I heard one kid tell another that beans are made in a factory than put in a can that they send to a grocery store.. !!

  14. Thank you 🙂 I will watch that video and search for some Katuk or red Malbar Spinach!

  15. Check out L&M Fertilizer in Fallbrook.

  16. Great episode.

  17. He meant that he wants his kids to learn life by gardening themselves instead of just playing on a loan and growing up without knowing how their food is made.

  18. please lets see a day of meals in the life of John??? I would love to see what you are eating and whats in your kitchen??

  19. yes dear i know, thank for your insight however. i appreciate your thoughfulness in trying to help me have an understanding.

  20. Ok :))

  21. Great stuff, John!  We do learn by doing (and mistakes). You are a big inspiration and info source for me. Mistakes I made in past: Too shady area, not enough water (hand watering). Now I get up every morning and look for slugs etc. Commune with yer garden twice a day!

  22. You are awesome and I hope you get a great wife and kids to help grow that garden. It is just too bad that you are vegan, or else you would show us how to incorporate a henhouse into your yard to create the perfect ecosystem: you eat the fruits and veggies for carbs, the hens eat the scraps (and other necessary nutrients), and then you get a great source of fat and protein from their eggs.

    Otherwise keep up the great work. Thank you.

  23. Baller

  24. We handed out tomatoes to all our neighbors last year, and only one of them refused a plant. Two of our neighbours have been inspired to start veggie gardens as a result. This year we’ll be handing out beans and/or peas. Do you practice crop rotation or does the compost and rockdust suffice to be able to plant what you want, where you want?

  25. More than just the soil lacking nutrients, the plants have been hybridized for things other than nutrition. 200 years ago the species of plants were more nutritious.

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