Grow a Winter Garden Inside Your Garage Year Round

John from goes on a field trip to a friends house to check out his amazing grow room inside his single car garage. In this episode you will learn about brewing your own compost tea and the best source of prepper seeds for storage. You will also discover what crops can easily be grown indoors and how to model nature indoors and so much more.

25 Responses to “Grow a Winter Garden Inside Your Garage Year Round”

  • lazarus822 says:

    @22justus2 OMRI listed….it’s not organic if it doesn’t have this label.

  • nephildevil says:

    doing the same here, not as fanatic however, had lots of trouble w cops and landlord because of it :( but finally made it from seeds to harvest for my peppers n tomatoes :)

  • nephildevil says:

    @Thaneii dont know bout him, but i grow indoors because i simply don’t have an outside garden or balcony to my apartment

  • 22justus2 says:

    @ddavid993 Hmmm I didn’t see any evidence of that!

  • rskurow says:

    Who is he kidding? He is growing pot, somewhere.

  • 099087662 says:

    great video John… thanks so much for sharing !!!

  • CalissaLeigh says:

    Love the videos. I’m still new but I’m learning a lot. I’ve been tempted to build or buy a system like WindowFarms. I was wondering if you’ve ever come across something like it? Any tips or recommendations? I’d love to utilize some of the window spaces I have for growing.

  • TheXXxSarahJanexXx says:

    not everyone has a a Lord Kelvin electrostatic water drop generator
    oh yes sure like i’ll just pop down the shop and pick up a Lord Kelvin electrostatic water drop generator like yours for just 2:99 and i wont have any electricity supply bill.
    Whatever dude…

  • nobadtrips says:

    @rskurow haha totally

  • nobadtrips says:

    @UmyNEPHEW 😉

  • nobadtrips says:

    @sethzky77 ;)

  • BalconyGrow says:

    I have my first flower cluster on my tomato plants that i planted in my Aerogarden in my living room in December. :0) Can’t wait for those early tomatoes. Enjoyed the tour – Thanks for sharing John.

  • TheEndeavoringFamily says:

    Just what I wanted to see! We can’t do much in military housing either.

  • CelticSouthland says:

    I am trying to grow indoors right now. Haven’t done that in years.

    Couldn’t afford the electricity for that set up.

    Had to leave all my grow lights behind when I moved.

  • roseforvendetta says:

    vote for john!!

  • postagerequired says:

    LOL@high quality chit. wonderful video. I can’t afford to do it this way. But it sure is fun seeing others do it and learn from it.

  • googlesbitch says:

    Electric bill will defeat the whole reason of growing your own. High pressure sodium light has a very high output but also a very high power consumption.

  • roseforvendetta says:

    for a moment i thought it was going on a space trip when he opened the lil room. at least hecan grow his greens in the winter. good job at growing the greens

  • btpuppy says:

    He must have moved the weed out before they did the video

  • kingsnoofer says:

    @googlesbitch This is assuming the reason behind the operation is to save money. Most people doing this are doing it so they know the origin and quality of the food. Grow it yourself and you can control what goes into it. It’s not always about money.

  • kingsnoofer says:

    @btpuppy He says the owner of the garage has a major hobby of hydroponics. I don’t recall him saying THIS setup was hydroponics. I do both in my basement and greenhouse.

  • kingsnoofer says:

    @btpuppy Actually later on he shows the substrate and it is not soil. It is coir and vermiculite. There is no soil and the plants would be watered as needed instead of keeping them constantly moist like in soil. So yeah I would call this hydroponics.

  • btpuppy says:

    Sorry, that is not hydroponics. True hydroponics is when roots grow in highly individualized and dosed Continuous-flow chemical fertilizer solutions, not in any kind of solid materials.

  • TheSamShovel says:

    John, those .99 cent models are trash. They do not work well at all and do not last. You might find one good one out of twenty and that will only last for a very few weeks.

  • pncapone says:

    @Thaneii It’s highly possible his HOA doesn’t allow it or he doesn’t have the space. My brother’s place in CA didn’t have the space at all, I think the house took up the entire lot. My Mom’s HOA is super strict – no greenhouses allowed in her neighborhood.

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