Get Gardening! Preparing and Planting My Organic Vegetable Garden – www.TheLove – Growing a garden is great for your health, your skin, your wallet, and the planet. If you want to grow one, now is the time to think about it! Watch me as I prepare my garden and plant my seeds (in fast motion!). *********************************************************** IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO, PLEASE SUPPORT THE LOVE VITAMIN Get my FREE ebook ‘Roadmap to Clear Skin: Acne Freedom in 7 Easy Steps’: Get ‘Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom’ ebook: Join ‘7 Day Candida Cleanse Challenge’ program: Like The Love Vitamin on Facebook: Follow The Love Vitamin on Twitter: And finally, please share, thumbs up, and subscribe here on youtube! **** Music by Spencer Thornton

25 Responses to “Get Gardening! Preparing and Planting My Organic Vegetable Garden – www.TheLove”

  • bowiefan5 says:

    When school gets out, this is next on the list

  • FluffyCandyGirl says:

    Great video! We have a huge garden at home, my mum usually does all the work, I just collect the produce lol :)

  • mcmelre says:

    It looks like a lot of work. But I’m interested, mainly for saving money!

  • tblbaby says:

    Hey, thats a really cool Vid : ) love that you’re gardening. It fits
    This guy is great, 2 channels Praxxus55712 VoodooGarden You must see

  • SidheHeart says:

    This was a really cute video, Tracy! 😀
    I can’t wait to live somewhere where I can have my own garden… I’m looking at eight years of guaranteed apartments right now. *cries*

  • lionsblood321 says:

    Heyy how did you get your teeth so white! I mean they are stainless, btw i love your videos!

  • thelovevitamin says:

    Lol!!! That’s the best way to do it!

  • thelovevitamin says:

    Usually no, but I was thinking about it this year!

  • thelovevitamin says:

    I don’t have any secret… don’t drink coffee? My teeth have just always been white, lucky me haha. You could look into oil pulling though. Or I watched a video about whitening your teeth with turmeric (which I know doesn’t make sense because it’s yellow, but somehow it lifts stains)

  • Projekt140 says:

    I was just thinking about how I need to plant my garden… then I got on here and saw this video! crazy lol

  • CrazyClaire88 says:

    Great video! Did you cut off your dreads??

  • thelovevitamin says:

    No, I just cut them short and wear hats a lot now :)

  • murphalot13 says:

    Tracy! radical to see you lugging around all that dirt and working out the green thumb buddy… i liked the parts where you rolled your head and sat on the bench lol

  • darkpirategirl says:

    Very nice, it definitely got me amped! :) Looking forward to the videos in the future of your garden’s progression!

  • sewfuntosew11 says:

    Really great video Tracy, Very refreshing to see you out and gardening. Okra is a good item to grow

  • LuniaVideo says:

    Grow a window plant :) Maybe some type of herb or tomatoes (easy to grow) so you can add them to your dishes whenever you want.

  • David Benjamin says:

    Awesome video! Gardening is the way to go!

  • vanillandcinnamon says:

    awesome, at my dad’s house I have a lemon, orange and cherry trees!!!! and blue berries!!!!!!

  • Harmony Nash says:

    congrats! looks awesome!! you look so in tune with the world. :)

  • Elisa Lalli says:

    good for you tracy… everyone should have a garden and you exemplify it well

  • Sheppy99 says:

    As a long time acne sufferer,I just really wanted to thank you. I have tried everything under the sun to clear up my skin for the past 15 years (29 now) and without much success. I’m smart enough now to realize topical treatments will never be that effective because it only treats the problem after it surfaces.I’ve seen such an improvement in the past 5 days after making green smoothies as part of my regiment that I know this is my answer I’ve been searching for, for all these years. U R amazing

  • HappierHealthierYou says:

    wow thats awesome

  • BalconyGrow says:

    Good Job. Hope you show the results. :0)

  • samanttttta says:

    @lionsblood321 baking soda is great for making your teeth white but you’ve probably heard that before.

  • mufflein2201 says:

    It looks so peaceful – somehow. I think gardening slows you down from that fast outside world. Same as with pets.

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