Garden Update #1 This years layout. Raised Bed Square Foot Container Vegetable Gardening

Tour of the varieties and overall layout. Tomatoes and peppers and leafy green vegetables. Raised bed garden container gardening. sun sugar cherry tomatoes lady bug tomato roma brandywine jalapeno hot peppers how to grow bell pepper hole mole pepperoncini corno di toro bulls horn joi choi pac choy bok pak super sugar snap pea snow peas southern giant mustard greens renegade spinach shtf prepper wrol preparedness georgia collards detroit beets early wonder tall top french breakfast radish tuscano dinosaur kale dino black red russian kale save seeds harvest seed scallions pasilla bajio black hungarian hot red sail buttercrunch red marshall green ice leaf lettuce home grown hybrid hakurei turnip white lady turnips square foot

12 Responses to “Garden Update #1 This years layout. Raised Bed Square Foot Container Vegetable Gardening”

  • sugerbear520 says:

    Looks good Bubblebeet!!

  • BubbleBeet says:

    thanks! im sooooo ready to start picking tomatoes and peppers, yum yum cant wait :)

  • GREENLALI says:

    *** i would love to have some seeds.

  • MIgardener says:

    wow man! your packed in there! its looking amazing!!!

  • MrTerrym1964 says:

    WOW! You sure do have a green thumb…Great Work!

  • apirlrain says:

    wow amazing garden, great job!

  • BubbleBeet says:

    hi, if i get a decent harvest of seeds i’ll mail a few free packs out if people want some, i’ll keep ya updated on the results.

  • BubbleBeet says:

    thanks! yeah i squish some of the plants in real tight, instead of square foot gardening i do it as half a sq foot gardening, lol.

  • BubbleBeet says:

    thanks very much! 

  • BubbleBeet says:


  • TheTubeTempest says:

    Cool man take the red ice out of there now. dont wait

  • BubbleBeet says:

    you got me thinking, instead of diggin it up i’ll let it stay put and not stress the plant at all. then when they start bolting i’ll cut the green ice at ground level and let the red ice do its thing. i’ll just accept to sacrifice that containers summer crop (was prolly gonna plant a zucchini in it). thanks for the idea, peace

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