Garden Girl TV: Natural Insect Control with Diatomaceous Earth

Patti Moreno the Garden Girl shows you how she controls insects in her garden, by using diatomaceous earth! and http Use the CC button to view subtitles in any language. Natural Garden Pest Insect Control Using Diatomaceous eEarth So a lot of people ask me, Patti you are an organic gardener, what do you do about all of this little bugs and slugs and all that stuffs that farmers for so long had been trying to come back. Well, I have one of the most amazing products that I discovered. It is actually been use for a really, really long time and it is called Diatomaceous earth Now, Diatomaceous earth is actually fertilized algae that is found in sedimentary rock and it forms of powdery substance pretty easily. If you are asking what are you doing right now? Why are you watering your garden and watering all the leaves of your garden? Well the reason why I am doing that because I am going to spread the Diatomaceous earth or DE as also known on of my plants. And I want my powder to stick to the leaves of the plants so they have to be moist; they have to have water on them. In order for the dust to stick to the plants, now this is the Diatomaceous earth . This is actually a duster and what we use to dust the crops and let me show you in here. That is the powdery substance, now this is a completely safe for humans and for animals. So really do not have to worry about it getting you know into any other animals that might be around and this is the fun part. [DEMO


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    there is a guy who sells on yt he has a huge facility called EARTHWORKS look him up on YT. or Ebay has good rates be sure to get FOOD GRADe

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  4. @GardenGirlTV can u pls do a livestock update?

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  8. volume needs to be turned up !!

  9. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  10. Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  11. Very nice vidio awesome

  12. Very nice vidio awesome

  13. wrong, doesnt dehydrate the bugs, your giving out wrong info

  14. Diatomaceous earth is not selective, it will kill benificial insects as well as the bad ones. However when one gets overwhelmed with bad insects, it works great! Never use the pool grade, very bad to breathe in, always use the food grade diatomaceous earth. Garden Harvest Supply is a good online source.

  15. i”m sure its already been mentioned but just in case:
    If you are going to use DE make sure its food grade and not the stuff you get at the pool supply store. 🙂

  16. you didn’t mention that there’s 3 different kinds of DE. the gardening kind, the kind you use in swimming pools and foodgrade. i use foodgrade DE on my animals. outside as well as inside. i sprinkle it on their food it keeps them worm free. i also use it in the house for bedbugs i just sprinkle it around the legs of the bed it will kill any small insect to about the size of a scorpion but it won’t harm earthworms for some reason.i also use it in my worm bin

  17. How many time do u use it weekly or monthly.

  18. im knoticing a lot of yellowing on the edges of the leaves of my vegetable plants, what do you think it is and what do you recommend ?

  19. @GORT192 right and wrong… it dehydrates the bugs by having the bugs crawl over them and the D.E. will cut their outer “skin” therefore the pests will just “dry up” …. but/and/yet is also important to wear a mask (mouth-nose) to eliminate breathing the powder in while powdering your plants… for it would do the same on the inner layers of your lungs… 

  20. where do you find de, i went to alot of places like lowes and tractor supply, no one seems to know much about it, it really does look awesome, found it online but everyone charges a ton for the shipping

  21. how much is it?

  22. Nice video….. I have used DE for years and as several people have already mentioned be sure to use only FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. I eat it every morning and I feed it to my dogs and cats I also use it inside and outside of the house. I have a blog about DE and I get mine from EarthWorks……. diatomaceous(dot)net …. You’ll have to replace the (dot) with a . for the link to work properly

  23. @LucieLettuce If you get food safe diatomacious earth ( yes there are two types one used in comercial pest control:added harmful ingredients, the other is safe for human ingestion) it kills worms like no other and it works in animals and is also safe for humans to. Icky thought but most humans are infected with one type of parasite or another and never know it. Just a cool piece of info 😉

  24. Does it work on white flies?

  25. it kills fish so dont let it get in the waterways

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