Field Trip through the Vegetable Garden – June 2010

Growing a vegetable garden is one way of saving on your food bill and the taste is so much better than store bought vegetables. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at

25 Responses to “Field Trip through the Vegetable Garden – June 2010”

  • webcajun says:

    @MrGardenman101 …I have a worm bin and I use the cut leaves to feed them. I also give them chopped up cabbage, okra leaves, broccoli & cauliflower plants, really anything that they can compost down….Donald

  • sparkie119 says:

    Cherokee Purple sure is a good tomato. I grew it last year and boy was it tasty. I also tried in a garden salad and the salad was outstanding. Over here in New Mexico. We don’t really have fall tomatoes Donald, because we have a really early frost here in Albuquerque. But I do no that it’s much more moist in Louisiana then it is here in the dry southwest US.

  • webcajun says:

    @sparkie119 …This spring I’m trying Brandywine Red and in the fall I’ll be planting Brandywine Pink. Suppose to ge good tomatoes….Donald

  • 231MasseyFerguson says:

    How often do you water cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, squash, and eggplant, once they sprout up out the dirt? The dirt i have gets real hard once water gets on it and soaks in. It’s pretty much like clay and I have a big concern for the stuff I have planted (besides the corn and potatoes). Thanks.

  • webcajun says:

    @231MasseyFerguson …Dig down a couple of inches and check the moisture, if dry then it’s time to water. There is really no set time cause some soils hold water better than others and some people water more (amount) than others. That is really something you have to determine…..Donald

  • sparkie119 says:

    Donald, I have grown Red Brandywine before. It is a pretty good tasting tomato. The Leafs look like potatoes leafs it’s funny. They can sometimes be mistaken for Potato plants to lol. I hope you like the Red and Pink Brandywines! O and also post some new videos lol, it’s been a long time since you have.

  • webcajun says:

    @sparkie119 …I’ll be transplanting the Red Brandywine in the next couple of weeks. I just started the Pink a few days ago for the fall garden. I’m told both are somewhat hard to keep alive so I started extra. lol……Donald

  • peacelovehippychick says:

    you are such a great gardener! yum!

  • webcajun says:

    @peacelovehippychick …One day things just come together and it all makes sense. That’s when you realize how easy all this is…..Donald

  • ShawnKirkpatrick1994 says:

    How far apart do you sow your green bean seeds? Your looks good.

  • webcajun says:

    @ShawnKirkpatrick1994 …These were planted approx 12 inches apart. Next time I plant pole beans they’ll be 24 inches apart cause they just grow so thick. Same with the Lima and Butter beans……Donald

  • respekitmor says:

    @webcajun Great Answer!!

  • rolledthatho says:

    Do you spray something to keep the weeds down, you have a LOT of garden to keep hand weeded but you seem to have no weeds throughout your rows?

  • webcajun says:

    @rolledthatho …I use a tiller, cultivator and a hoe. Just got to get em when they’re small……..Donald

  • 32323kb says:

    do u sale the rest of the food u dont eat and did u speak indiana

  • webcajun says:

    @32323kb …I give the extra to family and friends. That was a little bit of Cajun French……Donald

  • arocha129 says:

    im just 14 years old and i love growing tomato’s,bell peppers, and habanero pepper, HOTT, and i love your videos you always explain how to do stuff and ect.. well i hope your plants get bigger and stronger!!!!!

  • webcajun says:

    @arocha129 …Glad you enjoy the videos and hope they help……Donald

  • flyestsinner says:

    133 likes and zero dislikes… well deservedly :)

  • webcajun says:

    @flyestsinner … I try to keep things as simple as they really are, I think people like that…….Donald

  • whetfhackz says:

    thank you again sir i hope all your gardening years will go 10/10

  • webcajun says:

    @whetfhackz … Thank and you’re welcome…….Donald

  • Gospelgardener777 says:

    I like field trips, I am inviting you over to mylittle garden on u-tube for your own little field trip :) I got inspired by your garden and even tho I only have a tote garden I think it did pretty well this year. I did also put it about a 3 row reg garden at another house I was working at..also and got like 3 and 4lb tomatoes this year. Thank you for all your great advice and I would rate your garden a 20 out of 10. You and your gardening have been a real blessing thank you and God bless!

  • webcajun says:

    @Gospelgardener777 … Just watched some of you vids and really enjoyed em…….Donald

  • Gospelgardener777 says:

    @webcajun Thank you so much! I really like your vids also :) Sorry took so long to respond this is a 2nd channel
    God bless:)

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