1. thanks for this info…..

  2. why do youuse worms? I’m just starting out with this garning and I love this idea.

  3. We use worms and waste organic material as food for the worms to keep the soil fertile and in good condition. The worms burrowing through the soil form aggregates or air passages which help growth

  4. we use worms to keep the soil in good conditions, they keep it open and convert waste organic material to plant food

  5. Thank you for posting this video is muy interesante, I went trough you website; is the upright pvc pipe connected to the black hose? Where can I buy a book about your system? I would like to make a garden like that here in texas.
    Gracias de nuevo.

  6. Thank you very much for sharing your research and results with us. I am unwell and getting down into a garden to care for it is not always possible. Thanks to your box idea I now have the ability to set up a productive garden on an old table using materials that I already have. I can’t wait to see the results!

  7. Wow, there is no limit to the human mind, once it gets up and ACTS! *****

  8. The only thing I’m confused about is how the water comes out of the plastic bottle pipes – are holes cut into it or does it just slowly seep out of the far end into the roughage or water retaining material/compost/coir? If it does come out of the far end does that mean there is a gap between the pipe and the edge of the box. It looks like the water will just sit in the pipe with no-where to go and turn stagnant otherwise.

  9. Thanks! You guys are GREAT!!!!

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