Donna’s Garden – Container Update May 24, 2011

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  1. Love your garden design out there. Glad u said that about the bone meal, I was planning on using some of mine after watching yours..guess I will pass, lol.

  2. Well, it is ok to use it..I always have…but I think just a “pinch” is all you need.

  3. @YoungAndPrepping Thanks so much!

  4. How big is a pinch? I used some the other day to plant my tomatoes in my square foot garden, but I used a handful (along with a handful of worm castings). They seem ok, but it’s been raining like crazy.

  5. I am sure the rain helps a lot! My pots have been very dry. I always used bone meal in my SFG and never had any problems. I am new to container gardening and I probably have not watered my pots deep enough for the amount of bone meal I used. Thanks so much for watching & Happy Gardening!

  6. Donna, I enjoy listening to your updates. I especially like you talking about companion planting. A couple of years ago I started to do companion planting and I have had great success. A favorite of mine is BORAGE. It is great for everything and it is beautiful. I am potting up nasturtiums today. Yours look great. Do you nick them or soak them before planting?

  7. I do nothing to them…even though I have read you should file them first. Maybe that is why some of mine did not germinate! Hey…I will have to keep an eye out for Borage. Happy Gardening!

  8. Donna…you are the most awesome gardener! You inspire me :o)

  9. Donna, I always love to see your garden updates! I make it a goal everytime I tend to my garden to have mine look as well-kept as yours! I have an uncle that lives on Black Mountain right outside Ashville and a few minutes drive to Bat Cave- I LOOOOOOOOVE that area and I am always going on and on to him about how jealous I am of where he lives! Y’all are so lucky!!!

  10. Thank you so much! I LOOOOVE where we live too! The drive from Black Mountain down to Lake Lure sure is beautiful! I don’t live in Black Mountain (the charter school there is impossible to get in), but we live very close to the general area – a little country, a little city, LOVE IT!

  11. @SleepIsMagic Thanks for watching! I tried to cover some of your quaestions in my latest video. Happy Gardening!

  12. My nasturtiums have finally bloomed as well. I will make a salad tomorrow.

    Donna, I would love to see you in the kitchen again. Maybe you could share your kale soup recipe? I tried to make some but…let’s just say I wouldn’t let a stray dog eat it…lol

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hello Donna, you’re very welcome. I enjoy your videos a lot. I grow vegetable too in my small city (Amsterdam) vegetable plot and I tend to overdo a bit because of the limited space. So I usually cramped the plants. I find your videos very calming, after working in my own garden, hahhaa. Thank you

  14. Beautiful patio garden! I wish I had a kaffir lime tree as I cook many Asian dishes. I wonder where I can buy the seeds to plant one, hmm…

  15. Hey, if I ever get a lime..I’ll seed you seed! Don’t count on my tree producing anything though 🙁
    I think you can order a tree online. They are hard to find, but i have found them b4.

  16. Thanks for watching!

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