Container Gardening: Bare Root Cherry Tree

Patti, the Garden Girl, puts dwarf fruit trees into her patio container garden. Check out my Container Drainage Video for more info. Subscribe to Patt’s free magazine! Click here Check out Patti’s websites http

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    1. Do you know how old those trees are?

    2. Awesome.
      I think ya failed to mention that ya need to drain holes in the bottom for drainage….
      I know this, but the beginner might not.
      No holes will geow mold.

      I have some peppers planted next to each other. I think they cross pollinated, and I have a new pepper…

      Great Video!!!!!!!!!!

    3. do the potted fruits come in during the winter?

    4. I made a seperate video for drainage holes, marked it as a response and mentioned it in text about this video. I hope that helps. Thanks for the support!

    5. Lovely ideas, as usual Patti.

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    7. Fun to watch!

    8. does anyone know if the fruit tree does well in a plastic container, terra cotta or galvanized container?

    9. What garden zone are you gardening in, Patty? That would be helpful to know.

    10. looks like she’s using a galvanized trash can in the video…i think she has another video on putting in drainage holes in the bottom of it.

    11. I really liked this video! Thanks Patti

    12. Hi Patti, I loved the video! The only question that you didn’t address is that if the cherry tree is in a container and you water it, since it doesn’t have drainage holes, will that rotten the roots? and how much water do we give it and how often. I’m sorry I am a new gardener and would love to know more and your videos have helped me greatly at getting started. Thank you for sharing your passion.

    13. sorry I guess I should have read all the comments first. Haha But about the watering I would still love to get a response on how much and how often and if they need to be in shade or full sun. thanx Patti!

    14. You failed to point out that the graft union of the cherry tree needs to be planted above the soil level. You did that, but important to make sure you do so you don’t have scion rooting and lose the rootstock characteristic if dwarfing.

    15. What happens in the winter where it is above ground? Does cold damage a container plant

    16. Cherry trees get really large. Why would anyone plant it in a container? The roots will break thru the container.

    17. Ever grow cherry trees starting from seeds? What sort of weather do they thrive in?

    18. Great Idea Patti!!!

    19. Brilliant.

    20. If you want to see nice red cherry and green leaf color check out my cherry trees I have, check my video on Youtube to see.

    21. I have a Small Patio Garden And Im trying to grow Broccoli, Brussels, And Cabbage I have them In Flower Pots though Will the vegetables Have Enough room to grow in those smaller Pots ?

    22. According to the Stark Brothers every fruit product they hold is difficult to grow in my area.

    23. been over a year….hows the cherry tree doin?

    24. @OS253 It depends on the rootstock. If it’s on colt or gisela 5 rootstock, then the tree will remain small.

    25. She a too main stream. Fake. She’s a walking television robot.

      I hate people like that.

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