Coffee Can Herb Garden Containers.

I hate to waste a perfectly good container. I decided to turn these into an Herb Container garden. These 16 oz. plastic coffee cans are pretty good. I collected some over the winter and I like using them so far. Add a little paint and they become less of an eyesore. Everything is better with spray paint. I like the idea of reusing items. Plus, I wanted them to blend in with the other pots and containers I plan on using. UPDATE- They are currently being used to grow some spring lettuce. The Herb garden containers are going to have to be something different. Lettuce likes them, and they were Cheap….


  1. um…wouldn’t that be stay UPwind? Wouldn’t the spray float downwind? Excellent idea,I’ve got a few of those too!

  2. I have heard that you should not plant in Plastic as it can leach in to the food. Do you have any worry about that?

  3. Good point to consider. Glad you brought that up!
    That should be a consideration when choosing a plant container.
    These Coffee containers are considered food grade.
    So, I’m not really worried about the plastic leeching into the food.
    For planting, I try to use food grade containers.
    Food grade containers are not supposed to leech into food.
    I guess it’s part of what makes them food grade.
    So they should be good for use. 🙂

  4. You’re right! I always get that wrong.
    Good thing I’m not hiding from bears..:)

  5. Great cheap idea… I’m getting my wife to do the painting though.. She is less messy than me.

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