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The Greenhouses- Whats Growing & Planting Tomatoes Follow-Up

Here’s an update on all the vegetables that are growing in the greenhouses. There’s a little bit of everything. Also a followup to the last video about planting tomatoes with a cheap way to grow roots above ground.

Growing tomatoes vertically

Tim Sharer, a grower near Grand Rapids, Mich., describes his unique method for growing tomatoes.

growing tomatoes in pots

Growing tomatoes in pots is all about growing tomatoes in containers. I hope you enjoy this informative video provided Hosted by Horticulturist Marty Ware

Tomato Growing Tips Part 1

Tomato growing tips for the first part of the season including growing tomatoes from seed, in pots, outside and in containers.

Growing tomatoes vertically in containers and 200 tomato varieties at Tomatomania

John from visits tomatoemania! That features over 200 tomato varieties for sale. Also he will show some staking accessories that will allow you to grow your tomatoes vertically and in a container including a bamboo trellis, spiral stakes, tomato ladder and the texas tomato cage.

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