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Kidney Beans! Grow Your Own Re-Fried Beans

Kidney beans grow surprisingly well in a polytunnel, even here in soggy Ireland. And they’re worth it too – for the wonderful colour and so much flavour. Of …

Lima Bean Time Lapse

I photographed this time lapse of several lima beans sprouting over a six day period, taking more than 1600 photos.

Growing Green Beans – How to Get Good Production

My favorite variety of green beans is Strike. The are very productive, excellent tasting, and easy to grow. In this video, I’ll talk about what I do to get t…

Plant, Grow, Harvest, Roast and Prepare Coffee Beans – from scratch.

Growing, planting, harvesting, preparing and roasting coffee beans.

Do you like green beans. Then grow both bush beans and pole beans.

Paul Campbell shares the benefits of growing both bush beans and pole beans. Pole beans are a little more work but they generally produce for months rather t…

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