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Growing Potatoes in Containers – How to Grow Potatoes in Bags or Pots

Growing Potatoes is a hugely satisfying experience and doesn’t require a large portion of your garden for a successful crop. Potatoes are also fantastic fun to grow with your family especially…

Growing Potatoes in Straw – No Dig Potatoes

In 2012 I made a short video about how to grow potatoes in straw. I was going to post this video at the end of the growing season but got distracted for…a few…years. My bad, haha. Anyways,…

Enormous harvest of Container Grown Potatoes

I decided to harvest the remaining 7 containers of potatoes this evening. These are the Sarpo Miras grown in smaller 30 litre pots. The result was the biggest crop I’ve ever had of about 75…

Growing potatoes in containers

How to grow potatoes in a container using organic methods covering the potato stems as they grow so that you produce more potatoes.

Growing potatoes in containers Part 2

Part 2 Growing potatoes in containers. How to plant and fertilize seed potatoes.

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