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Vegetable Container Garden 2013

South Florida vegetable gardening.

Container Gardening Season 2 – Week 24: Back from Vacation

Arlen updates on how his homemade drip irrigation system worked during our weekend away and we check how the garden is doing. This is our second year attempting to grow fruits, vegetables…

Container Gardening Tip: Make Large, Portable, Lightweight Containers With Less Soil

Container gardening tip: Make a large, portable and lightweight container garden using less soil with a garden planter insert. Garden planter inserts are what professional garden designers…

Fall Garden Update – Kale Lettuce Radishes Parsley – container gardening raised bed

Planting Fall Garden Vegetables. New Containers for the deck garden. Hurricane storm damage. Romano Pole Bean Harvest FINALLY! Cherry tomatoes and peppers still producing. cold weather …

Growing a beautiful container vegetable garden

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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