Bush Beans – Top Crop, Tendergreen Improved & Yellow Wax Beans

We show you how to grow a variety of Bush Beans in this video, including Top Crop, Tendergreen Improved and Cherokee Yellow Wax Beans. Bush beans are easy to grow and require no trellising….

11 Responses to “Bush Beans – Top Crop, Tendergreen Improved & Yellow Wax Beans”

  • California Gardening says:

    Bush Beans – Easy to grow and very productive!

  • Gardening With Puppies says:

    They look great. Good information

  • Frances Gettys says:

    I grew Blue Lake pole beans, Kentucky Wonder pole beans and Contender bush
    Beans this year. My Kentucky Wonder didn’t produce as much as the Blue Lake
    or Contender. It was probably because i planted them later in the season
    therefore they had too much heat. Our temperatures get very hot here in
    summer .

  • 1betrman says:

    Fantastic post, very informative!
    soaker hose watering keeps the leaves dry and the vine healthy doesn’t it?

  • Lanium says:

    I grew Kentucky Wonder pole beans this year again, with fantastic success.
    A tip for any bean pods that go too long on the vine and become inedible:
    just leave them to mature. Then, at the end of the season, the pod will
    contain dry beans which you can store for seed or use in any recipe that
    calls for them, such as chili, rice and beans, or vegetable soup. This way
    you get two products off one plant!

  • Saroja Jayaraman says:

    Nice video. What is the benefit of growing Bush Beans over pole beans? I
    get a lot of beans from my pole beans. I hate when the leaves get brown but
    other than that its nice.

  • SureHowDoYouKnow says:

    Well now I know everything I did wrong when I grew beans! Next year I will
    do better!! Thank you so much for your videos! Right now I am growing
    garlic and onions the way you taught us. They look great so far.. we shall
    see how they go.. 

  • nery colon 1 says:

    Your beans looks great. The only beans i have is pigeon peas. They should
    be giving bean around November. I’m planing to get bush beans, pink beans
    and one that they call foot long but I don’t know the real name. Last year
    I grew them but with the heat of summer it died. Great video.

  • Carlos Pereira says:

    I notice you are watering from the tap. i was just wondering if you at
    least use a filter? Have you ever tried water from rain water?

  • Deals togo says:

    Very good video. Last year I planted Blue Lake Bush Beans and they grew
    about 12 inches then the leaves were attacked by something I did not think
    was serious at first but I had to go away for a week and when I returned
    90% of the leaves were eaten/damaged. The skinny remainder stalks had a few
    bean pods but that’s it. Do you have any suggestions on pesticides for this
    year if it happens again? Neem oil perhaps? Thank you. I followed your
    instructions for the raised beds for my tomatoes and so far they are doing
    well. Thanks for that video.

  • Lance Winslow says:
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