Best Books on Organic Gardening and Growing Food at Home

John from shares with you his favorite books for organic gardening. In this episode, John will go on a field trip to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Petaluma, California and share with you some of his favorite books on organic gardening. After watching this episode you will now know the best books for identifying pests, weeds and the best books so you can grow more and consume less. Finally John will share his favorite two books on food preservation and they aren’t about canning.

25 Responses to “Best Books on Organic Gardening and Growing Food at Home”

  • delaserdudeXD says:

    Music to my ears

  • ktrain420247 says:

    Good weed in my book a´╗┐ well.

  • marchetta67 says:

    “If you wet your comb, you might tame that cow-lick!” ­čśë – True Grit´╗┐


    FTW!!! The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrousch One of my very first gardening reference books. ´╗┐ Mine is the 1988 edition and I think she and Eliot totally ROCK!

  • pb3ch says:

    i highly suggest´╗┐ “the vegetable growers’ bible”!! helped me learn a lot…really simple/straightforward

  • YouDirtyMutha says:

    Had no´╗┐ clue they are out of Petaluma. Good stuff thanks John :)

  • vegan911 says:

    Great video and thanks for the suggested book list. What book do you need for setting up a´╗┐ green house like yours, soil, drainage etc.?

  • alan30189 says:

    Great article on GMO food: Go to Motherearthnews (dot) com, type in the search field: April/May 2012, then, from the list, click again on that date; look down the next list for the title: “The Threats from Genetically Modified Foods” and take time to read it in its entirety. Let your family and friends know about the article as well. They also discuss rBST injected cows as well. You´╗┐ will be shocked about what farmers & chemical companies are doing to our food supply, all in the name of profits.

  • alan30189 says:

    See my comment above about the article on GMO in Mother Earth´╗┐ News and let your friends know about the article as well.

  • alan30189 says:

    Nowhere close. Its actually north of San Francisco.´╗┐ Road trip!

  • jammatoonarmy says:

    great episode john. thank you :)´╗┐

  • nissarana2012 says:

    Hi John, great vid.´╗┐
    We get nearly all of our seeds from Baker Creek and receive their catalog as well. Great items and info. We plan on attending one of the festivals they have at their Mansfield, MO location in the future. We have friends that went and they said it was a blast. You should too. I believe they have events in Petaluma as well.

  • ertyderty7 says:

    I’m going to´╗┐ the library!

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    Cool´╗┐ building!

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    John, Please, sorry, I could not make out what you said the second bottle, the red one with the yellow spray top at 2:26 was called – the one for powdery mildew. I have heard from other You-Tube gardeners that there is not really much you can do for powdery mildew. I have´╗┐ it on my Snow Peas and have tried neem oil to no effect. Maybe I need to use more? I wonder how many plants are infected with this stuff right from the nursery? Another good video, thanks!

  • ytmalveo says:

    Five Stars´╗┐ 5*****

  • constipatedkangaroo says:

    5:00, I caught it did you? :)´╗┐

  • 99keltin says:

    where can i buy ‘asian’´╗┐ organic nonGMO seeds? :)

  • ghostchaser13 says:

    that is such a pretty building! can’t wait for the´╗┐ 2nd annual Heirloom Festival

  • hangmd11 says:

    Square foot gardener. I bought it and followed the books’ instructions. I did however use John’s soil mixture and watched many of his videos to supplement the method. This is my first time growing anything and Wow, my garden has done amazing! I will change planting only one´╗┐ tomato plant vs two. Both tomato plants covered my whole garden for the week and a half I was gone. Unbelievable! Juicing alot of my plants. Thank you John Kohler! You’re my hero!

  • DanielAtlantaUtube says:

    Very good overview of a number of good books out there. After mixed success last year I read both The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible and the All New Square Foot Gardening book and watched several excellent videos on Youtube, including your inspirational ones — thanks, John. As a result, this year’s garden is new and much, much better. I went with organic´╗┐ soil made in Georgia rather than make the square foot soil mixture. Write-up at danielsklar (dot) com.

  • TheNrgmindset says:

    Very insightful,´╗┐ thanks John!

  • TheNrgmindset says:

    also,´╗┐ where can we vote against gmo’s?

  • Job Benedict says:

    John what the hell is´╗┐ up with enovalee peeing on your garden????´╗┐

  • theartfullmind says:

    Love Baker Creek´╗┐ Seeds!

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