2 Min Tip: EZ DIY Trellis to Grow Tomatoes, Watermelon, Squash & Pumpkins Vertically

In today’s 2 minute tip, I show how we make heavy duty trellises that support indeterminate tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, and even watermelon. Links to materials: 1) 1/2″ EMT Conduit: http://www….


  1. In today’s 2 minute tip, I show how we make trellises that support
    tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, and watermelon. 

  2. First :)

  3. That’s pretty nifty.

  4. Great idea and perfectly timed for me. I’m planting this coming week
    (weather permitting)

  5. Second !:)
    Be so kind and try ,for the next time,to speak a little bit slower,like for
    a foreigner! There are people around the world wich are interesting also
    and will help them to understand your explanations,wich are very usefully!
    Anyway,you are doing a great job ! Thanks ! Chris

  6. Great instructional, can’t wait to see the changes in your garden as you
    transfer into more of a maintenance mod than a soil building mode. 

  7. thanks for sharing Patrick seems i’m going to be busy building tomorrow 🙂
    all the best.

  8. Man you are talking fast in this video, smoking.

  9. No more caffeinated coffee for you buddy.

  10. That’s going to be one strong trellis, that remesh is basically what the
    sides and roof of my greenhouse are made of and even under the strain of an
    Alberta blizzard, it didn’t even come close to failing.

  11. Thank you Patrick for another great 2 minute tip!

  12. Rebar? Pig wire? :O
    For those who want a more natural route you can use old/dead branches
    firmly pushed into the dirt, that provide perfect knobby natural trellis’
    for most anything.
    I have alot laying around so infinite resource, works with Tomatoes,
    vines, anything ~

  13. Good idea with the rebar. BTW… thats one good lookin’ cat.

  14. Using rebar with conduit is a nice combination — nice tip! I have so much
    natural material from my place that I use, but I can see the advantage of
    your approach, especially for the long term. With your approach, the whole
    system stores away efficiently in the off-season and can be easily moved
    from bed to bed as you do crop rotation. Nice!

  15. I wish I saw this before I bought my 1×2 10 foot stakes…. Looked easier
    and more sturdy. When these fall apart in about a year or so. I’ll try

  16. Seems like a good system… I guess it’s particularly useful for you guys
    in winter that it can be pulled apart for storage too…

    @ 1:39… Looks like you could do with a harmonica and tin cup ;-P

  17. A very good tip indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I wish you had added some information on cost of the project! But I love
    the sturdiness of it!

  19. Great tutorial. 🙂 You know, I was just looking at electrical conduit today
    online planing out a trellis for this years cucumbers. I then saw they were
    sold in 10ft sections; but I can only fit 8ft in my Sentra. But then
    watching your video now I had a /facepalm moment… I can bring a cutter
    with me and cut them down in the parking lot. Nice. :)

  20. I thought of doing that before, but I was concerned about the rust of the
    remesh causing some kind of issue for the plant.

  21. What are you going to use to hold the melons up? I’ve considered doing this
    for this season but I’m undecided on how to secure the fruits. 

  22. I know what I’m doing on Tuesday now. thanks for the links too you’re
    making this job too easy,wait what’s the catch? lol great idea
    p.s. I will be getting two 50 gallon trash cans with all the coffee grounds
    from our mothers day buffet at the hotel. not going to waste this year
    should last me all season again thank you

  23. Why bother cutting two feet off the EMT and then pounding two feet of rebar
    into the ground? Extra work, extra parts, no advantage. Leave the EMT at
    ten feet, assemble your hog panels to one end, pound the extra two feet at
    the other end into the dirt.

    I stopped buying rebar a few years back. EMT and zip ties have a million
    and one uses. Harbor Freight’s $3 tube of small plastic utility clamps are
    great, too – they happen to clip on to 1/2″ EMT perfectly for securing bird
    net, plastic fence, row cover or poly cover over, or around things.

    As to the comments about heat and rust – rattle can the hog panels with
    white paint. solves both problems. (and any plastic that isn’t UV stable –
    paint that, and it’s UV stable.)

  24. Love it! Great trellis, great video, sweet set up!

  25. Excellent video on garden trellis! The wire fencing is a great idea!

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